Framing: Second floor: Tub

February 7: I start framing the platform for the jacuzzi.

February 8: the tub platform is framed and decked, but I don't want to finish the steps until I've dropped the tub into the hole, in case I need to extend them outwards a few inches. There will also be a low platform for the tub to rest on at the bottom, based on exact measurements when the tub is in place.

View of the opening for the access door:

After building the seat/shelf for the shower (the clear glass shower wall will run across the tub platform, in the one strip not yet decked):

February 10: adding 2x4s to the corners for a solid base for the rim to rest on, and a subplatform for the bottom of the tub to rest on.

The finished frame, minus steps:

And with the tub set in it, first the view of the access door:

Then full-on, showing how the tub rests on the subplatform:

February 12: the frame is finished!

The view out the window from the tub, first looking north, then south:

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