Framing: Second floor: Joists and Subfloor

The second-floor trim joists go up (January 26):

This is the kitchen, where the absence of a center wall made it necessary to hang the joists off a 13-1/2"x16' glulam beam. Because the beam is an inch and a half taller than the other joists, that much of it will be exposed on the kitchen ceiling.

Standing in the living room, looking down toward the dining room (already covered with joists).

And on January 27, the subfloor:

That same hole (for the stairs) from below (with blue electrical boxes nailed up:

Meanwhile, Dave takes a break from cutting stringers for the stairs to rebuild the end of a trim joist:

Side view of the finished second-story subfloor, from the east-side garage wall:

Sunset over the lake, viewed from what will be the study:

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