Monday, May 26, Memorial Day. The pavers, Rex and Pepper King, are so far behind due to two weeks of rain that they come out on the holiday. Here, rolling the driveway before paving starts:

The asphalt comes in two trucks first thing in the morning. Once we're ready to start laying blacktop, one truck backs up the hill and dumps a load into the paver, which heats it up and lays it in 10-12' swaths:

Brand-new paver and something's wrong with it already. Rex has to stop paving for fifteen minutes to fix it:

Tossing asphalt over into the corner:

The asphalt coming out of the paver:

Pepper rolls the newly laid asphalt:

The paver has "wings" that stick out a foot on each side, giving it a total width of 12'; and Rex uses the full extension by the garage:

The wings leave a slightly higher and less packed layer of asphal. Pepper goes out to smooth it out:

The steam coming out from under the roller is from the water that cools it hitting the hot blacktop:

Heading down the hill:

On the right, packing down the asphalt in hard-to-reach areas with hot shoes:

Minor imperfections in the asphalt surface are ironed out with a torch and hot shoes:

Rex lays a thick (almost 6") layer going down the hill to make sure he doesn't bottom out on some of the rocks sticking up:

And last, the apron for the mailbox:

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