Painting, exterior

March 3: we pick out six shades of light green to try, and I get a quart of each mixed up at Sneed's Ace Hardware, smear each on a different corner of the house.

March 5: not happy with the six shades of light green we tried before, we get two lighter shades mixed up and put them up ... but these new ones are too light, practically off-white. Tomorrow a middle ground. (Note that the siding is all the way to the top on the east wall.)

March 7: the entire east wall is primed, though with a half-dozen colors none of which we will be using.

March 11: the east wall is completely painted, and the scaffolding removed. We ended up mixing two light shades of green for the siding: one shade was too dark, the next lighter shade on the same card was too light, so we bought a gallon of each and mixed them.

And the next morning in the sun (the trim around the side door to the garage is still without its forest green topcoat; and the line where the siding is still without its light green topcoat up on the second floor, above the garage, is just visible):

March 12: finishing up the north wall on Wednesday so it can rain all day Thursday and the scaffolding can still go back to Magnolia Rent-all Friday morning. The painter in both pictures is Andrei Savichev.

March 14: the window and door trim and door itself on the backside of the garage now all have topcoats.

The first-floor gallery siding and trim have a first coat:

Showing the painted roof trim as well as the first-floor gallery paint:

March 18, from the street, with the front door painted and the second-floor gallery ready for paint: ceiling boards up, doors and windows in, siding up.

Zoom in a little:

And a little more (with the pecan tree still framing the front door):

March 27: the front is finished and painted.

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