April 5: almost ready for sheetrock. The kitchen and dining room, viewed from the entry hall:

The living room, viewed from the entry hall:

The back hall, standing in front of the back door and looking toward the kitchen and on into the garage. Laundry room on the right:

Olya, Sasha, and Sveta in the master bedroom:

Sound insulation on the right:

The master bathroom, shower stall on the right:

Doug's vanity:

Sveta's vanity:

The upstairs back bathroom, with blue tape up to mark where the sheetrock should stop (and concrete board will begin):

The upstairs back bedroom:

The closet in the upstairs back bedroom, with the chimney chase showing through:

The study, interior walls covered with sound insulation:

The upstairs hall, study soundboard on the left, back bathroom blue tape visible in the back:

Looking across the stairwell at the walk-in closet and master bathroom on the left, master bedroom soundboard on the right:

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