Painting, interior

April 25: the drywall is finally hung, taped, and mudded, and ready to paint. It's a dark day, and we have to paint with a work light. Sveta painting the dining room:

The back hall, with a primer coat of yellow:

April 26: Sveta decided to colorwash the master bedroom walls, with red, orange, and yellow, applied with a sponge:

She got plenty tired of the job before it was through:

The south window:

The door into the walk-in closet:

Painting the ceiling yellow:

The view of the master bedroom from outside in the (light yellow) hall:

April 29: two new coats of paint on the ceiling.

The upstairs guest bathroom:

The upstairs guest bedroom, ceiling being painted by Andrey:

Olya painting the crowns of the upstairs guest bedroom (lilac):

Andrey painting the ceiling in the study (white):

The Crimean painting that served as our color inspiration for the living room, surrounded by the brown-painted walls that it inspired:

The living room is painted, the windows unmasked:

The fireplace can be unmasked now too:

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