Galleries: columns and decking

March 20: the final stages of decking the second-floor gallery. Devon and Casey are nailing up the front trim (covering up the joists) while Dave gives them instructions from below:

The first eight feet are ready for the first two columns. The 4x4 posts on either side of where the columns will go in are up on jacks:

Devon has been grinding at the high legs of the column base, trying to get it level; here he's checking to see if he's there yet. (The whole gallery is tilted down slightly so rain water will run away from the house, but the columns need to stand on it plumb.)

The first column is in, the second is going in:

I've puttied and primed the decking; the view of the floor and second column from inside the house:

And the view of the whole gallery from the ladder leaned up against it (my escape route):

March 21: all six columns are up and primed:

March 27: the decking and columns are up and painted both above and below:

April 1: sunset blasting against the front of the house.

The same from the first-floor gallery, at 5pm:

And at 6:15 pm:

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