Carlos Baraona and his "ayudante" Sandro laid blocks (January 9):

Once the garage was walled in, Rosie and Moot's crew came out (January 10) to fill it up with dirt, up to 4-6" from the top of the two-block wall:

Then a sheet of Visqueen and a layer of wire mesh, and a grade stake in the middle to control the level:

The next big worry was how the concrete truck was going to make it up our steep driveway, which the last batch of concrete trucks had chewed up and a hour's rain shower the previous evening had made slippery. So we had the concrete company send out a dozer to smooth out the driveway and pull the truck into place:

Going up backwards, the truck couldn't get its chute over the slab, though, so the driver brought it up forwards and then had the dozer help it jockey into position:

The pour begins:

The finished foundation:

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