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  Historian Rabbi David Dalin of New York comes down on the side of Pius XII

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60 Minutes on Pius XII
Prof. Rychlak handily dismantles CBS TV's 60 Minutes' inequit-able presentation

The Holy See vs. The Third Reich  An article by Prof. Rychlak appearing in the Oct. 1998 issue of the New Oxford Review

An Interview With Prof. Ron Rychlak
An April, 2001, inter-view with ZENIT, the International News Agency

Hitler's Plan to Arrest Pius XII and Destroy the Vatican  A replay of "Is Paris burning?"

Pius XII Rehabilitated by Jewish Historian  Prof. Richard Breitman of American University in Washington weighs in on the issue



THE NEW BOOK that proves  for a new generation that Pope Pius XII was the archenemy of Adolf Hitler.  

A closely reasoned and scholarly study of the conflict between Pope Pius XII and Hitler, this work dispels the fog surrounding this issue that first crept out in the early sixties with Rolf Hochhuth's imaginary play, The Deputy, and more recently with the now discredited Hitler's Pope of John Cornwell. 

“...Hitler, the War, and the Pope [is] the best and most careful of the recent works, an elegant tome of serious, critical scholarship.”  — Rabbi David Dalin, former professor at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, in The Weekly Standard

“Rychlak has buried the myth under an avalanche of facts .... [He] has done more than anyone else to set the record straight.  — Prof. Robert George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

Did you know that —

  • Pius XII saved more Jews than Otto Schindler?  Read more.
  • Hitler was so furious at the Pope that he was about to send the SS to arrest the Pope and destroy the Vatican?  Read more.
  • Israeli diplomat Pinchas Lapide stated: “The Catholic Church under the pontificate of Pius XII was instrumental in saving as many as 860,000 Jews from certain death at Nazi hands. This figure exceeds by far those saved by all other churches and rescue organizations combined.” (Three Popes and the Jews, New York: Hawthorn Publishers, 1967.)
  • Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir said of Pius XII, "...when our people went through the horrors of martyrdom, the Pope raised his voice to condemn the persecutors..."  Read more.
  • Nahum Goldman, President of the World Jewish Congress, said, "With special gratitude we remember all he has done for the persecuted Jews during one of the darkest periods of their entire history."  Read more.
  • Time magazine reported December 23, 1940, that Albert Einstein said, "Only the Church stood squarely across the path of Hitler's campaign for suppressing truth."  Read more.
  • The New York Times, on Christmas Day, 1942, said of Pius XII, “This Christmas, more than ever he is a lonely voice crying out of the silence of a continent.”  Read more.

The author, Ronald J. Rychlak, is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law at the University of Mississippi Schol of Law.  He has written two books and over twenty articles in law journals and popular periodicals.  He makes his home in Oxford, Mississippi.



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