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Prof. Rychlak handily dismantles CBS TV's 60 Minutes' inequit-able presentation

The Holy See vs. The Third Reich  An article by Prof. Rychlak appearing in the Oct. 1998 issue of the New Oxford Review

An Interview With Prof. Ron Rychlak
An April, 2001, inter-view with ZENIT, the International News Agency

Hitler's Plan to Arrest Pius XII and Destroy the Vatican  A replay of "Is Paris burning?"

Pius XII Rehabilitated by Jewish Historian  Prof. Richard Breitman of American University in Washington weighs in on the issue




     In fact, to read all nine [recent books on Pius XII] is to conclude that Pius's defenders have the stronger case—with Rychlak's Hitler, the War, and the Pope the best and most careful of the recent works, an elegant tome of serious, critical scholarship.

Rabbi David Dalin
The Weekly Standard

     Rychlak has buried the myth under an avalanche of facts and demonstrated that Pacelli's reputation deserves to be what it was during the war when the New York Times —more than once—praised him as "a lonely voice crying out of the silence of a continent." Rychlak has done more than anyone else to set the record straight.

Prof. Robert George
McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence
Princeton University

     I am indebted to Professor Ronald J. Rychlak for this book, Hitler, the War, and the Pope. In his well-crafted pages, he tells us of the story of Eugenio Pacelli, a saintly priest, a skilled diplomat, and a consummate churchman, who was elected pope only months before Hitler’s invasion of Poland....
I am reminded of the words of Thomas Jefferson in his Notes on Virginia: "A patient pursuit of facts, and a cautious combination and comparison of them, is the drudgery to which man is subjected by his maker, if he wished to attain sure knowledge." Professor Rychlak has subjected himself to this drudgery of detail by patiently pursing the facts. With due caution, he has combined and compared them for us so that we might attain knowledge of the part played by Pope Pius XII when darkness fell all around him. The portrait that emerges is one of an extraordinary pastor facing extremely vexing circumstances, of a holy man vying against an evil man, of a human being trying to save the lives of other human beings, of a light shining in the darkness.

John Cardinal O'Connor
Archbishop of New York (deceased)

     I have read many books on Pius XII, and this is by far the most dispassionate in laying out the context, relevant facts, accusations, and evidence pro- and con-. The book is highly engaging because filled with so many little known facts. The research has been prodigious. Yet the presentation is as down-to-earth as it would have to be in a courtroom.... This is a wonderfully realistic book.

Michael Novak
George Frederick Jewett Scholar in Religion, Philosophy, and Public Policy
American Enterprise Institute

     Rychlak in these pages carefully reconstructs the tragic course of events from Hitler’s rise to power through the Second World War. With abundant references to published and unpublished sources he convincingly shows that the future Pius XII from the beginning recognized the malice of the Nazi movement and later, as pope, did as much as any human person could to minimize Hitler’s atrocities against the Poles, the Jews, and other innocent victims. Hitler, the War, and the Pope "should be required reading for all who repeat the baseless canards about the "silence" of Pius XII.

Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J.
Laurence J. McGinley Professor
Fordham University

    A systematic response to Pius's critics, [with a] devastating, point-by-point refutation of Cornwell's Hitler's Pope.... For now, the magisterial volume on the subject.

J. Bottum
Crisis Magazine

    Rychlak... approaches his topic with the intensity of a defense attorney and the balance of a legal scholar.... In closely reasoned arguments, he effectively refutes the charges that Pius was anti-Semitic, that he was influenced by Hitler, that any statement by him would have lessened the suffering of the Jews, that he was fearful of his own safety and therefore restrained in his comments and that he should have excommunicated Hitler.... Rychlak accomplishes what he sets out to do—put Pius XII in a more balanced perspective.

George F. Giacomini, Jr.
America Magazine

     Professor Rychlak has compiled an impressive and excellent factual record regarding the strained relations between the Catholic Church and Hitler’s Third Reich as well as the efforts of Pope Pius XII to protect Jews and other victims of the Nazis. In this serious and scholarly tome, Rychlak analyzes these facts to answer the questions that are most often raised about the wartime record of Pope Pius XII. No one who objectively reads this insightful text can have any doubt about where Pius stood during those years of darkness.

Peter Gumpel, S.J.
Investigating Judge by Papal Appointment
Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Vatican City

     A massive refutation of the black legend depicting Pius XII as passive and silent in the face of the Holocaust out of fear, cynicism, and anti-Semitism. The historical record, documented here in massive detail, shows the Pope’s unremitting hostility to Nazism, repeated condemnations of anti-Semitism, and feverish efforts to save Jewish lives. A deeply impressive book.

Rev. John Jay Hughes
Author of Pontiffs: Popes Who Shaped History

     Hitler, the War, and the Pope by Ronald Rychlak is the definitive popular history of the papacy of Pope Pius XII in the shadow of Nazism. Without recourse to rhetoric, Rychlak gives a well-documented and clear-headed defense of Pius XII. His book also provides a detailed response to John Cornwell’s Hitler’s Pope. Rychlak’s work puts the claim of the "silence" of Pope Pius XII in the face of the Holocaust to rest.

Bob Lockwood, from the position paper, “Pope Pius and the Holocaust” (The Catholic League, March 2000)

    A brave man and careful scholar, Ronald Rychlak, professor at the University of Mississippi Law School, has published Hitler, the War and the Pope, in which he examines and dismisses the one-sided case that has become the liberal populist myth about Pius XII.... Rychlak's careful book, as complete as a lawyer's brief, will prompt readers to re-examine the charges worked into the grain of culture against Pius XII.

Eugene Kennedy
Dallas Morning News (syndicated)

     No one has done more in recent times to expose the lies of [critics of Pius XII] than Professor Ronald Rychlak. His volume, Hitler, the War, and the Pope, is the most authoritative work on the subject currently available.

Bill Donohue
The Catholic League
(solicitation letter)




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