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An International Workshop on
Historic Scientific Instrument Collections in the University
21-24 June 2007
Oxford, Mississippi

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Sponsored by The Scientific Instrument Commission
and The University of Mississippi,
with funding from the US National Science Foundation
and the UM Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.

Hosted by The University of Mississippi

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The first international conference on Scientific Instrument Collections in Universities (SICU) was held at Dartmouth College in 2004. The SICU1 conference began addressing the unique challenges faced by those who deal with university collections, while also striving to increase awareness among those who may not recognize the importance of their collections.

The purpose of the SICU2 workshop is to continue solidifying the foundation for finding, describing, organizing, preserving, and utilizing the vast resource of historic scientific instrument collections that reside in academic institutions. These instruments are a vital part of our cultural and scientific heritage.

SICU2 will draw from a wide community of scientists, historians, curators, archivists, educators, and collectors to achieve the following :

1. increased access to more collections by encouraing scientists and educators to become more involved in efforts to expand scholarly research using historical instruments.

2. improved security and preservation of more collections by expanding efforts to build a practical resource for stewardship of historical instruments.

3. increased use and appreciation of more collections by developing and sharing creative ways of exhibiting, reproducing, studying, and recognizing significance of historical instruments.

4. improved resources for utilizing collections across a braod range of disciplines and purposes.

The workshop program is planned along the following general themes:

a. Scholarly Significance of University Collections - historical research, recently "discovered" collections, and the role of scientists and educators in developing and utilizing collections.

b. Management and Preservation Challenges - acquisition and stewardship issues, organizing, managing, and building sustatinable support for a collection.

c. Improving Access to and Uses of Collections - innovative efforts in demonstrating, teaching, studying, and reaching the public with historic instruments, including the use of digital and web-based technologies.

In addition to keynote addresses, SICU2 will feature presentation and discussion of contributed papers and posters.  Scientists, junior scholars, advanced graduate and undergraduate students, and people from outside academia are particularly encouraged to participate.

For additional details, please visit the Program Information page.

A downloadable version of the Call for Papers is available in PDF.
Feel free to contact us ( if you have questions about participating in the workshop.  We look forward to seeing you!

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