Sacred Harp and Related Shape-Note Music: Resources

Compilation and commentary by Steven L. Sabol
(Washington, D.C. Sacred Harp Singers)

with help from many singers

Chapters 1 and 10 updated January 14, 2024, Other chapters updated August 20, 2023.

[partial score of CLAMANDA from 1859 Sacred Harp]


  1. Tunebooks, Music Books, and Hymnals
  2. Books and Booklets about Shape-Note Music
  3. Singing Schedules, Newsletters, and Websites of Regional Groups
  4. Internet Resources (not listed elsewhere)
  5. Recent Recordings of Traditional Singings
  6. Recordings by Performing Groups
  7. Older Recordings (Pre-1977) of Traditional Singers Reissued on CDs and Internet
  8. Recordings with a Few Shape-Note Tunes or Arrangements
  9. Video Resources
  10. Singing Schools, Camps, and Teaching Resources
  11. Maps of Singing Locations
  12. Resources for Shape-Note Composers and Publishers
  13. Lined-Out Hymnody and Psalmody
  14. English West Gallery Music
  15. Museum and Foundations
  16. The Hymn Society

[NEW] indicates resources (regardless of their date of creation) added to this guide since September 5,2022.

Compiler's Note: This guide is intended to promote interest in and knowledge about the singing of early American religious choral music published in oblong tunebooks printed (in most cases) in shaped notes. This guide focuses on music stylistically related to that in The Sacred Harp tunebooks but not on shape-note gospel music. For more information on Sacred Harp singing, consult the Sacred Harp Singing website and the website. Because this activity attracts many highly motivated amateur musicians, this guide strives to be a compilation of all available serious resources by amateurs as well as professionals, excluding dissertations and most journal articles. It has little or no critical review of amateur productions but does have occasional critical comments on commercial recordings by professional ensembles. This guide may be freely photocopied and distributed as long as the source is acknowledged.

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