3. Singing Schedules, Websites, Facebook Pages, and Newsletters

National/International Singing Schedules, Newsletters, and Facebook Pages on the Web:

The Sacred Harp Singing Web site, by Warren Steel at the University of Mississippi Department of Music, has links to many singing schedules:

Regular Local Singing List, compiled by Annie Grieshop. This is a list of known shape-note singings from several tunebooks (including several editions of The Sacred Harp, Christian Harmony, New Harp of Columbia, Harmonia Sacra, Northern Harmony, and others) throughout the world, that take place four or more times a year and that draw singers from their immediate locale. In the South these are often called "practice sessions." Currently, the directory has mainly singings from the 1991 Edition of The Sacred Harp, which are also listed in the printed book Annual Minutes and Directory (see below). Listings of singings from other tunebooks may eventually become more complete.

Links to Web Pages for Regional Singings and Conventions and Special Events and Publicity, compiled by Warren Steel. The many Web pages describing regional singing activities, schedules, and conventions are listed. A recently added section provides links to many news articles and radio programs about Sacred Harp singing.

Sacred Harp Publishing Company Newsletter edited by Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg and Nathan Rees. This online newsletter was started in 2012 by Mr. Karlsberg, vice-president of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company, the publisher of the 1991 Edition. It features articles and reports of national and international interest about Sacred Harp singing and singers. It is published two or three times per year.

The Sacred Harp Publishing Company's Facebook page.

Sacred Harp Friends Facebook Group. This group is open to Facebook users who are Sacred Harp singers and close friends of singers. Recent postings have announced singings and conventions, and on a more somber note, illnesses, deaths, and funerals of singers. Currently it has the most members of any Sacred Harp Facebook group.

Youth of Sacred Harp Facebook Group. The description states, "This page is for the use of posting singings and interacting with other young adults in the world-wide Sacred Harp Community." The membership seems to be mainly young adults rather than younger youth.

Dinner on the Grounds Facebook Group. A large and active group devoted to the sharing of recipes and cooking tips for potluck meals at Sacred Harp and other shape-note singings and conventions.

Christian Harmony Website now for both editions, maintained by Mary Baumeister and others. Information, schedules, and minutes of singings from both the 1873 Walker edition of Christian Harmony in western North Carolina and the Christian Harmony 2010 Edition elsewhere. There is also sections presenting recipes, minutes of singings, and ordering information for tunebooks.

Shenandoah Harmony Facebook Page. Announcements and information about the popular Shenandoah Harmony tunebook.

[NEW] The Christian Harmony Facebook Page

The African American Shape Note Singing Project Facebook Group by Chiquita and Benny Walls. Ms. Walls teaches American history at Rust College in Holly Spring, MS. She is an authority on Mississippi's African American shape-note tradition, as described in an article she wrote in 1999. She and her late husband Benny Walls began the African American Shape Note Singing Project Facebook page to foster the African-American shapenote singing tradition which includes Sacred Harp, Christian Harmony, and seven-shape Gospel-style music.

Schedules of Sacred Harp Singings Found in Minutes Books:

(Also listed in the Books/Articles chapter)

Sacred Harp Singings: Annual Minutes and Directory. An indispensable annual book for singers desiring to network, travel, and sing Sacred Harp (1991 Edition) with others in authentic settings such as in the rural South. The professionally designed and printed softbound book contains (1) schedules of annual Sacred Harp singings and conventions for the current year, listed by date, (2) a schedule of local periodic singings with contact names and addresses, listed by state and city, (3) minutes of the previous year's annual singings listing the songs sung (by page number) and the leader for each song, (4) names of individuals who died during the previous year and who were remembered at Memorial Lessons reported in the minutes, (5) birthdays of several hundred Sacred Harp singers, and (5) a directory of names, addresses, and phone numbers of roughly two thousand Sacred Harp singers throughout the world. The book is oriented toward singings from the 1991 ("Denson") Edition of the Sacred Harp, but it now includes a number of major singings from the Cooper Edition of the Sacred Harp. The book is now compiled by Judy Caudle, assisted by David Ivey and Joan Aldridge. The Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association publishes, prints, and distributes the Directory and Minutes under the auspices of the Alabama State Sacred Harp Singing Convention. The price is $10.00 per book postpaid. Make checks payable to Sacred Harp Minutes. Send orders to: Attn: Minutes Book Order, Judy Caudle, 1821 Gum Pond Road, Eva, AL 35621. Limited quantities of the book are made available at no charge to singing groups sponsoring singings having minutes in the book. The minutes are also available in an online searchable format..

Minutes of Sacred Harp Cooper Books Singing Convention[s] This annual pamphlet compiled by Audrey Barfield provides minutes of many of the annual Cooper book singings in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. There is also a calendar of most of the annual Cooper book singings for Alabama and Florida, as well as some information on the Cooper Book, photographs of officers of the Sacred Harp Book Co. and of deceased singers. It is available from Aubrey Barfield, 1469 Cypress, Niceville, FL 32578 for $3.00 per copy postpaid. (For Cooper book singings in Texas, see the Schedule of Sacred Harp Singings in Texas web page.)

Regional Websites, Facebook Pages, and Newsletters:

Note on Facebook Pages: Many Sacred Harp and shape-note singing communities now maintain interactive Facebook pages in addition to, or instead of, traditional websites. Singings are often announced and discussed on Facebook instead of on traditional websites. A login to a Facebook account is required to see the content of many of the Facebook pages listed below, an unfortunate requirement that deprives information from the many potential or actual Sacred Harp singers who choose not to join Facebook. The list below includes Facebook groups (public and closed) and announcement pages without attempting to be complete. Facebook pages for collegiate singing groups are generally not listed. Traditional websites and Facebook pages are listed together by region. Some of the traditional websites listed below appear to be out of date but are still listed, as they may contain useful information.

A. Southern and South Central United States

A1. Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas,and Florida

Sacred Harp Singing in Georgia compiled by Laura Akerman, John Plunkett, and Deborah Grosse. This Web site is the Atlanta Sacred Harp singers' guide to shape note singings in Georgia. It lists monthly and annual singings and special events, as well as information and resource links. The extensive monthly schedule of singings in Georgia, compiled by Laura Akerman, is at http://www.atlantasacredharp.org/monthly.html and can be sent to subscribers by e-mail, as explained on the Web page.

Atlanta [GA] Sacred Harp Facebook Page

Sacred Harp Atlanta Facebook Group

Athens [GA] Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Hoboken [GA] Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Savannah [GA] Sacred Harp Singers

Sacred Harp Singings in Alabama. This website created by Karen Freund in consultation with David Ivey presents schedules of annual and regular local singings in Alabama (both 1991/"Denson" and Cooper editions), information on Camp Fasola, and the Alabama State Sacred Harp Musical Convention. There is other interesting material, including video and audio recordings.

Alabama Sacred Harp Facebook Page

Crenshaw County [AL] Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Auburn [AL] Sacred Harp Singing Facebook Page

Camp Fasola [AL] Facebook Page

Shiloh Sacred Harp Singers of Northwest Arkansas. This Web page describes the Sacred Harp singing activities in Springdale, Arkansas.

Arkansas Sacred Harp Facebook Page

Mississippi Singing Schedule. This list, which includes Sacred Harp and Christian Harmony singings, is maintained by Professor Warren Steel of the University of Mississippi.

Mississippi Sacred Harp Convention Facebook Group, with information about all aspects of shape-note singing in Mississippi.

New Orleans Shapenote Facebook Group

Tallahassee Sacred Harp Facebook Page

Jacksonville Sacred Harp Singers Facebook Group

Pensacola Sacred Harp Facebook Page

Sweetwater [FL] Shapenote Singers. Information about singing in Micanopy, near Gainesville, FL.

A2. Tennessee and Kentucky

Nashville Sacred Harp Facebook Page

Sacred Harp Singing in Chattanooga. Information about singings in Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee, maintained by John Lamb.

Chattanooga Sacred Harp Facebook Page

Memphis Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Harpeth Valley Sacred Harp Singers. This site contains information about Sacred Harp singing activities in Tennessee, particularly in the Nashville area.

Old Harp: The New Harp of Columbia Newsletter, founded by the late Larry Olszewski, now edited by Ann Strange, Lois Luebke, and Tina Becker. This is the only newsletter covering New Harp of Columbia singings (primarily in east Tennessee). It contains singing schedules, interesting articles, photographs, and information about recordings. It is published and professionally printed once a year, at the end of January. The ISSN is 1546-038X. Its subscription price is currently under review, but the editors will accept donations by mail. Make checks payable to "Old Harp" and mail them to Old Harp Newsletter, 307 E. Lake Forest Drive, Knoxville, TN 37920. This newsletter is also available as a PDF on the Old Harp Singing Web site (described immediately below).

Old Harp Singing in East Tennessee/ New Harp of Columbia Shape Note Singers, maintained by Chris Stoddart. This Web page is an introduction to New Harp of Columbia singing and has a detailed calendar of upcoming singings with contact information, as well as links to the on-line latest issue of Old Harp: The New Harp of Columbia Newsletter. There is also a Listserv for New Harp of Columbia singers and supporters. Contact Chris Stoddart for more information.

Old Fields Singers [TN]. This site announces singings from The Christian Harmony in Elizabethton, TN 37643.

Ohio Valley [KY] Shapes, provides information about singings and major events in Louisville, KY and southern Indiana.

[NEW] Kentuckiana Sacred Harp website announcing shape-note events in and near Louisville, KY.

Kentuckiana (Louisville, KY) Sacred Harp Singing Facebook Group

A3. The Carolinas

Appalachian Association of Sacred Harp Singers by Raphael Finkel. This Web page provides schedules of singings from The Sacred Harp and The Southern Harmony in and near Lexington, Kentucky. It also provides general information about the Association.

North Carolina Shape-Note Singing contains information about periodic singings and the annual North Carolina Convention.

Charlotte [NC] Sacred Harp Singers

Asheville [NC] Christian Harmony and Sacred Harp Singers Facebook Page

North Asheville [NC] Shape Note and Gospel Sing Facebook Group

FA: Triangle Area Sacred Harp News. This newsletter, edited by Lynda Hambourger and issued 3-4 times a year, describes shape-note singing activities in North Carolina in general and the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) in particular. There are interesting articles as well as singing schedules. It is sponsored by PineCone: Piedmont Council of Traditional Music. To subscribe, write to Lynda Hambourger, 2509 Kenmore Drive, Raleigh, NC 27608. Contributions are gratefully accepted. Checks should be made out to the editor or to "PineCone."

Camp DoReMi, Wildacres Retreat, Little Switzerland NC Facebook Group

Lowcountry [SC] Sacred Harp. Information about singings in Charleston, SC.

A4. Texas and Oklahoma

Sacred Harp Singing in Texas Web site maintained by Gaylon L. Powell of Austin. This site includes schedules of annual and monthly singings in Texas from the Cooper and 1991 Revisions of The Sacred Harp, essays by Mr. Powell and others describing the music and its appeal, biographical sketches of B. F. White and several composers and authors of tunes and texts in The Sacred Harp, and the online version of the Texas Sacred Harp Newsletter, described immediately above.

Texas Sacred Harp Singers Facebook Page

East Texas Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Dallas Sacred Harp Facebook Page.Sacred Harp singing and events in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

Austin Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Houston Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Shapenote Oklahoma. This website describes Sacred Harp singing in Oklahoma, particularly the Tulsa area.

Tulsa Friends of Sacred Harp Singing Facebook Group

OKC [Oklahoma City] Sacred Harp Singers Facebook Page

[NEW] Buda, Texas Christian Harmony Facebook Group

A5. District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia

Shape Note Singing in DC. Information about most but not all Washington, DC-area singings, particularly ones organized by John delRe and Kelly Macklin. These singings focus on The Shenandoah Harmony and The Sacred Harp.

Washington, DC area: Schedules and locations of the monthly (4th-Sunday) Sacred Harp singings sponsored by the Folklore Society of Greater Washington, are listed on the Society's Web site under Group Activities.

DC Shape-Note Singers Facebook Group. Information about Washington, DC-area singings, particularly one held monthly on Capitol Hill.

Shape-Note Music in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Area, by Miriam Kilmer. This site contains information about Sacred Harp singing in the Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Richmond, and Northern Shenandoah (VA) areas. There are links to other information.

Baltimore Shape Note Singing Facebook Group

North Shenandoah Valley [VA] Sacred Harp Singing Schedule. Schedules of weekly and monthly singings, as well as the annual all-day singing, in the area of Berryville and Boyce, VA, usually organized by John del Re and Kelly Macklin.

Northern Shenandoah Valley [VA] Shape Note Singers Facebook Group

Charlottesville Sacred Harp Singers website. Information about the Rivanna River Sacred Harp Singers, periodic singings, and the annual All-Day Shape Note Sing.

Charlottesville Sacred Harp Singers Facebook Group

Richmond Shape Note Singers website. Information about Richmond-area singings and the annual James River Sacred Harp Convention.

Richmond Shape Note Singers Facebook Page. Schedules of singings in Richmond, discussion and information about the annual James River Sacred Harp Convention.

Floyd [VA] Shape Note Facebook Group. Information about singing in southwestern Virginia.

B. Northeast United States

B1. Mid-Atlantic (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York)

Pennsylvania Sacred Harp announces singings throughout Pennsylvania, a state that has been enjoying a flurry of new local singings in recent years.

Philadelphia Sacred Harp Facebook Group

State College [PA] Sacred Harp, maintained by Hal Kunkel. Information about singings in or near State College, PA.

State College [PA] Sacred Harp Singings Facebook Group

Lancaster [PA] Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Lehigh Valley [PA] Shape Note Singers Facebook Page

Endless Mountains [PA] Shapenote Singers The Folklore Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania sponsors a group of Sacred Harp singers but does not specify on its website precisely where they meet in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Sacred Harp Princeton [NJ]. Information about singings in the Princeton and Lawrenceville area of New Jersey.

New York City Sacred Harp is a portal for information about the regular singings taking place in multiple locations of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Upper Montclair, NJ., as well as the annual All-day Singing.

Lower East Side [of Manhattan] Shape Note Sing, by Linda Griggs. This page announces singings in the Lower East Side as well as other singings in the New York City area.

Sacred Harp in Brooklyn. This page gives contact information about regular singings (originally founded by Joe Beasley) in Brooklyn, NY.

NYC Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Long Island Traditional Music Association's Shape Note Singing page. Information about singing in the Huntington Station area, Long Island, NY.

LI [Long Island, NY] Sacred Harp. Information about several singing circles on Long Island.

Albany [NY] Sacred Harp. This website covers Sacred Harp activities throughout upstate New York (not only Albany) and also touches on more distant singings in New York and Connecticut.

Catskills [NY] Sacred Harp Musical Association

B2. New England

Regular New England Area Singings. This page from the Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Convention Web site lists singings and contact persons for all of New England (including Maine) as well as New York and New Jersey.

BostonSing.org Shape Note Resources maintained by Robert Stoddard. This site has information about and schedules of singings in the entire Boston and New England areas. It also has a rapidly growing archive of audio mp3 recordings made by Mr. Stoddard at recent Sacred Harp and shape-note singings (see chapter 4).

Boston Sacred Harp Website

Boston Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Newburyport [MA] Sacred Harp Facebook Group This Facebook Group presents singing information and discussion regarding Sacred Harp activities in Newburyport, MA and the Boston North Shore area.

Boston area: Singings sponsored by Norumbega Harmony in Newton, MA. Site is maintained by Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner.

Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Singing. Schedules of singing activities in Northampton and Amherst, MA, and in Providence, RI, as well as information about the Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Convention and Pioneer Valley All-Day Singing.

Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Community Facebook Page

English West Gallery Music workshops in the Boston area. Sacred Harp and Gallery music singer and composer Bruce Randall holds monthly workshops in English parish church music which stylistically influenced 17th and 18th-century New England tunesmiths.

Maine Shape Note and Sacred Harp Singing

Maine Shape Note Singing Facebook Group

Portland Maine Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Bangor [ME] Shape Note Facebook Group

Downeast [ME] Shape Note Singing Facebook Page, pertaining to singing in Washington County, Maine.

Shape Note Singing Communities of Vermont Facebook Page

Brattleboro [VT] Sacred Harp Facebook Group

[NEW] Village Harmony Facebook Page. Village Harmony is the umbrella organization, based in Marshfield, VT, for a diverse range of choral, world music and harmony singing camps, workshops and performing ensembles. (See chapter on Recordings by Performing Groups)

[NEW] New Hampshire Sacred Harp Singing Facebook Group

North Country [NH] Shape Note Singing Facebook Group. Information about singing in the Berlin, NH area.

Rhode Island Sacred Harp Singing presents a calendar of singings in Rhode Island, contact information, and information about the All-Day Rhode Island singing. There is also a useful FAQ page.

Providence [RI] Shape-Note Singing Facebook Page.

Yale-New Haven [CT] Regular Singing

Middletown [CT] Sacred Harp Singing Facebook Group

C. Midwest United States

C1. East of Mississippi River

Sacred Harp Singing in Ohio. Singing activities throughout Ohio are features, as well as the annual Ohio State Sacred Harp Convention.

Cincinnati Sacred Harp Singing, maintained by John Bealle.

Cincinnati Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Cleveland Sacred Harp Facebook Page announces singings in northeast Ohio and posts discussion among group members.

Columbus [OH] Shape-Note Singing provides Sacred Harp singing schedules in the Columbus area.

Dayton Sacred Harp Singing. Information about singings in the Dayton, as well as Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio areas, and the annual Ohio convention. Of particular interest is that under "Media" there are links to YouTube videos of Southern and Midwestern Sacred Harp singings.

Dayton Area Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Bloomington [IN] Sacred Harp.

Bloomington [IN] Shape Notes Facebook Group

Kokomo [IN] Sacred Harp Facebook Page

FaSoLaMichigan.org, A website providing information on singings in Lansing/East Lansing, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, and Detroit, Michigan. There is also a discussion forum./p>

Michigan and Northern Indiana Sacred Harp Singings by Will Fitzgerald. This page provides a map and schedule and contact information for Sacred Harp singings in Goshen and Young America, IN, and Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, and Lansing, MI, as well as Harmonia Sacra singings in this area.

Sacred Harp Detroit Facebook Page

Mid-Michigan Shape Note Singers Facebook Group. Information about singing in the East Lansing, MI area.

Singing Sacred Harp in Chicago, lists singings and major events in the Chicago area.

Chicago Sacred Harp Singing Facebook Page

Sacred Harp Singing in Downstate Illinois maintained by Peter Ellertsen. General information is given about singings in the area of Springfield and Charleston, IL.

Wisconsin Shape-Note News. Schedules of singings in the Wisconsin area, with occasional articles and reviews by James Page. Published online six times a year. Issues can be e-mailed as PDF files to subscribers. Contact Mr. Page at shapebrain-at-yahoo-dot-com.

C2. West of Mississippi River

Shape Note Singing in the Twin Cities [Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN] provides information and schedules of singing, generally from The Sacred Harp, in the Twin Cities area. There is also information on the annual Minnesota State Sacred Harp Convention.

Twin Cities Sacred Harp Facebook Group.

Rochester [MN] Area Shape Note Singing Facebook Group

Duluth [MN] Shape Note Singing Facebook Group

Sacred Harp Iowa. Information about singings in Cedar Rapids, Fairfield, and Iowa City.

Sacred Harp Singing in Iowa Facebook Group

[NEW] Omaha Shape Note Singers Facebook Group.

Sacred Harp Singers of Kansas City Facebook Page

Kaw Valley Shape Note Singing Association Web page (Northeast Kansas) maintained by Brad Levy of Lawrence, Kansas, lists schedules of singings in Kansas and northwest Missouri.

Kaw Valley [KS] Shape Note Singing Facebook Group

St. Louis Shape Note Singers. Articles, photographs, and singing schedules for singings in and near St. Louis, Hannibal/Bowling Green, and Columbia, Missouri.

St. Louis Shape Note Singers! Facebook Group

Columbia [MO] Shape Note Singers Articles and singing schedules and contact information for Columbia, Missouri.

Columbia [MO] Shape Note Singers Facebook Page

Shape Note Singers of Springfield [MO] Facebook Group

D. Western United States

D1. Mountain states

Tucson [AZ] Fasola. Information about singings in Arizona and New Mexico.

Tucson [AZ] Sacred Harp Singers Facebook Group

Sacred Harp Colorado. This site lists schedules of singings in various Colorado cities. There is also information about the Rocky Mountain Sacred Harp Convention.

Colorado Sacred Harp (COSH) Facebook Group

Utah Sacred Harp Singing lists singing schedules for the Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah areas.

Utah Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Palouse [ID area] Sacred Harp Facebook Group. Information about singing in the Moscow, ID area.

Yellowstone [MT] Sacred Harp Facebook Group. Singing activities in Billings, MT.

D2. Far West (Pacific states)

[San Francisco] Bay Area Sacred Harp. Information about singings in the Bay area including San Francisco, Palo Alto, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and other areas of Northern California.

Bay Area Sacred Harp (BASH) Facebook Group

Alameda [CA] Area Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Davis [CA] Area Sacred Harp (DASH) Facebook Group.

Fasola L.A.: Shape Note Singing in Los Angeles maintained by Laura and Richard Russell. This Web site lists singing schedules in the Los Angeles area as well as contact information and fasola singing events throughout southern California.

Los Angeles Area Shape Note Singers Facebook Group

San Diego FaSoLa Sacred Harp Singers

Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Singers Web site maintained by Karen Willard. Information about singings in Washington state and Oregon. There also useful sections of short articles suitable as flyers and handouts at singings. Titles include "Beginner's Guide," "What's Going On Here," "Do You Have a Vocal Identity Crisis?" (by Lisa Grayson), FAQ from the Texas Sacred Harp Singers, an essay on accidentals by Ananias Davisson, "How To Find the 6th in Minor Songs," etc. Newly added sections of great interest include Miss Grace Notes advice column from the Chicago Sacred Harp Newsletter, a humorous and updated essay from the early 1990s entitled "Natural History of a Sacred Harp Zealot," additional verses, and song scores.

Seattle [WA] Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Tacoma [WA] Sacred Harp Singers Facebook Group

Olympia [WA] Shape Note Facebook Group

Tri-Cities' [WA] Sacred Harp Facebook Group

East Lewis County [WA] Sacred Harp Facebook Page, with information about singings in the Richland, WA area.

Portland [OR] Sacred Harp. Information about monthly singings and the annual Sacred Harp Convention in Portland Oregon.

Portland [OR] Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Eugene [OR] Sacred Harp Singers. Announcements and news about Sacred Harp singing in Eugene, Oregon.

Salem [OR] Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Sacred Harp Alaska website. Information about singings in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Sitka, and elsewhere.

Sacred Harp Alaska Facebook Page

E. Canada

Toronto Shape Note Singing Community Facebook Group

Montreal Sacred Harp Singers Facebook Group

Vancouver [BC] Sacred Harp

Vancouver BC Sacred Harp Facebook Group

F. United Kingdom and Ireland

United Kingdom Sacred Harp and Shapenote Singing compiled by Edwin Macadam and Sheila Girling Smith. This enlarged resource contains information about the UK Shape-Note Conventions, schedules of shape-note singings in the UK, and other useful information.

UK Sacred Harp Facebook Group

London Sacred Harp Singing presents information on Sacred Harp singing in the London area as well as information for beginners.

London Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Newcastle Sacred Harp Singing presents information on Sacred Harp singing in Newcastle upon Tyne -- regular singings as well as the annual Singing Day.

Tyneside [Newcastle] Shape Note Singers Facebook Group

Leeds Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Manchester Sacred Harp Singing Facebook Page

Oxford Sacred Harp Singing Facebook Page

Brighton Shape Note Singing

Brighton Shape Note Singing Facebook Group

Norwich Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Bristol Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Sheffield and South Yorkshire Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Colchester [Essex] Shape Note Facebook Group

Scarborough [North Yorkshire] Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Birmingham [UK] Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Shropshire Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Shapenote Scotland

Belfast Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Sacred Harp Singers of Dublin Facebook Group

Sacred Harp Singers of Cork

Sacred Harp Singers of Cork Facebook Group

G. Continental Europe

Sacred Harp Amsterdam Facebook Page

Sacred Harp Paris! Facebook Group

[NEW] Sacred Harp Auvergne. This website, mostly in French with some English, describes singing activities in Clermont-Ferrand, Auvergne region, France. It contains a highly useful reference: Under the heading "Les Chants du Denson 1991" are links to YouTube videos and audio files of nearly every song in The Sacred Harp 1991 Edition, recorded at many different singings in the U.S. and Europe.

[NEW] Sacred Harp Auvergne Facebook Group

Sacred Harp Germany Facebook Group

Sacred Harp Bremen. This website mostly in the German language has a remarkable teaching resource: Under the heading Lieder (songs), there are links to computer-generated audio files for each voice part of each song in The Sacred Harp 1991 Edition. One can listen separately to each voice part (treble (Sopran), treble an octave lower, alto, tenor, bass) and all four (or three) parts together, with words (n English) of the first verse sung by a computer with a bit of a British accent). An image of the score of the featured song is below the buttons for the audio files. For some songs, there are also links to YouTube videos of the featured song sung by real people at various singings.

Hamburg Sacred Harp Singing School provides information about weekly singings in Hamburg and about the Germany Sacred Harp Convention.

Sacred Harp Frankfurt Shape Note Web site

Berlin Shape Note Web site

Sacred Harp Berlin Facebook Group

Sacred Harp Munich Facebook Group

Sacred Harp Cologne Facebook Group

Shapenote Singing Sacred Harp CZ Facebook Group. Singing activity in the Czech Republic.

Sacred Harp Singers of Budapest Facebook Group

Sacred Harp in Poland. Information about singings and the annual Poland Sacred Harp Convention in Warsaw.

Sacred Harp in Poland Facebook Group

Sacred Harp Singers of Warsaw Facebook Page

Oslo Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Sacred Harp Sweden Facebook Group

H. Middle East

Israel Sacred Harp Facebook Group

I. Asia, Australia, and New Zealand

Sacred Harp Hong Kong Facebook Group

Seoul Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Busan [South Korea] Sacred Harp Facebook Group. Of interest from the group's Description: "We sing Sacred Harp every Friday in Millak Subway Station in between exits 3 and 4 (inside the station)."

Tokyo Sacred Harp Facebook Group

Singapore Shapenote Singers Facebook Group

Sydney Shape Note Singers Facebook Group

Sacred Harp Melbourne Facebook Group

Canberra Shape Note Singers Facebook Group

Tasmanian Shape Note Singers Facebook Group

New Zealand Shape Note Singers. This website was down in March 2017, but it is still referenced in New Zealand shape note Facebook Group pages.

New Zealand Shape Note Singers Facebook Group

[NEW] Wellington [NZ] Shape Note Singers Facebook Group

Sacred Harp and Shape-Note Newsletters of Historical Interest

The rise of the Internet in the late 1990s caused several worthy printed newsletters to cease publication and not to continue online. These had informative articles and photographs which provide historical documentation of the resurgence of interest in Sacred Harp singing in the U.S. starting in the late 1980s. Copies may be found in some music libraries and private collections. An incomplete list of these newsletters is as follows:

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