Regional Singings and Conventions

Several singers maintain information on the World Wide Web about Sacred Harp and other shaped-note singings in their area. The following resources are available on regional activities. A few singing conventions also have Web pages.

Regional Singing

Southern U.S.

  1. Sacred Harp Singings in Alabama
  2. All-Day Singings in Mississippi
  3. Sweetwater Shapenote Singers (Central Florida)
  4. Sacred Harp Singing in Georgia
  5. Savannah Sacred Harp Singers (Georgia)
  6. Sacred Harp Singing in Texas
  7. East Texas Sacred Harp
  8. Shiloh Sacred Harp Singers (Northwest Arkansas)
  9. Appalachian Association of Sacred Harp Singers (Kentucky)
  10. Harpeth Valley Sacred Harp Singers (Nashville)
  11. "Old Harp" Singing in East Tennessee
  12. Sacred Harp Singing in Chattanooga
  13. North Carolina Sacred Harp Singing
  14. Christian Harmony Singing (North Carolina)
  15. Shape Note Singing in D.C.

Northeastern U.S.

  1. Princeton Sacred Harp (New Jersey)
  2. Pennsylvania Sacred Harp
  3. State College Sacred Harp (Central Pennsylvania)
  4. New York City Sacred Harp
  5. Boston Connexion Sacred Harp Singers
  6. Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Community
  7. Regular New England Singings
  8. Rhode Island Sacred Harp Singing
  9. Vermont Shape Note Singers
  10. Maine Shape Note Singing

Midwestern U.S.

  1. Minneapolis-St. Paul Shape Note Singing
  2. Kaw Valley Shape Note Singing Association (Kansas)
  3. St. Louis Shape Note Singers (Missouri)
  4. Columbia Shape Note Singers (Missouri)
  5. Chicago Sacred Harp
  6. Michigan and Northern Indiana Singings
  7. Bloomington Shape Note (Indiana)
  8. Sacred Harp Singing in Ohio
  9. Dayton Sacred Harp (Ohio)

Western U.S.

  1. San Diego FaSoLa (California)
  2. Sacred Harp Singing in Los Angeles
  3. Bay Area Sacred Harp (California)
  4. Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Singers
  5. Portland (Oregon) Sacred Harp Singing
  6. Utah Sacred Harp Singing
  7. Sacred Harp Alaska

Outside the U.S.

  1. Toronto Shape Note (Canada)
  2. United Kingdom Sacred Harp and Shape Note Singing
  3. London Sacred Harp
  4. Shapenote Scotland
  5. Cork Sacred Harp (Ireland)
  6. Sacred Harp Australia
  7. Sacred Harp Germany
  8. Sacred Harp Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Conventions and Singings

  1. Texas State Convention, February 22-23, 2020
  2. Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Convention, March 7-8, 2020
  3. Oxford, Mississippi Singing, March 8, 2020
  4. Southwest Texas Convention, March 28-29, 2020
  5. Potomac River Shape-Note Singing Convention, April 4-5, 2020
  6. National Sacred Harp Singing Convention, June 18-20, 2020. Canceled in 2020.
  7. East Texas Convention, August 8-9, 2020
  8. United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention, September 19-20, 2020
  9. Minnesota State Convention, September 26-27, 2020
  10. Southwest Texas Convention, September 29-30, 2020
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