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Hankou, one of the 3 towns that compose Wuhan

Changjiang (Yangtze) River, the longest river in Eurasia, joins its longest tributary, Hanjiang River, at my hometown, Wuhan. The rivers divide Wuhan into three parts: Hankou, Hanyang, and Wuchang. Wuhan, with a population of over 7 million, is the largest city in central China. There are, needless to say, a lot of things worth seeing in Wuhan. Below are just some pictures of Wuhan that I have collected on the Internet. Hopefully they can give you some rough idea of what my hometown is like.

  1. Yellow Crane Tower (``Huanghe Lou"), in Wuchang
  2. Liberation Avenue (``Jiefang Dadao"), in Hankou
  3. Lotus Lake (``Lianhua Hu"), in Hanyang
  4. Liberation Park (``Jiefang Gongyuan"), in Hankou
  5. 2nd Changjiang Bridge (``Changjiang Er Qiao"), connecting Hankou and Wuchang
  6. a park downtown, in Wuchang
  7. East Lake (``Dong Hu"), in Wuchang
  8. Guiyuan Temple, in Hanyang
  9. Qingchuan Mansion, in Hanyang
  10. Statue of Quyuan (a poet who lived from 340 B.C. to 278 B.C. in Chu Kingdom), by the East Lake (``Dong Hu")
  11. Hanjiang River and Changjiang River
  12. 3rd Hanjiang Bridge, connecting Hankou and Hanyang
  13. telpher over Hanjiang River
  14. Baotong Temple
  15. Wuhan University, in Wuchang
  16. Central China University of Science and Technology (``Huazhong Keji Daxue"), in Wuchang
  17. Jianghan Road, in Hankou
  18. evening skyline of Hankou
  19. Construction Avenue (``Jianshe Dadao"), in Hankou
  20. Sun Yat-sen Avenue (``Zhongshan Dadao"), in Hankou
  21. 2nd Changjiang Bridge (``Changjiang Er Qiao"), connecting Hankou and Wuchang
  22. financial center, in Hankou
  23. Economic and Technology Development Zone, in suburban Hanyang
  24. 1st Changjiang Bridge (``Changjiang Yi Qiao"), connecting Hanyang and Wuchang
  25. Pear Garden Plaza (``Liyuan Guangchang"), in Wuchang
  26. Hankou
  27. Mulan Lake
  28. a park downtown, in Hankou
  29. Aviation Road (``Hangkong Lu"), in Hankou
  30. Fruit Lake (``Shuiguo Hu"), in Wuchang
  31. Tianhe International Airport, in suburban Hankou
  32. Wuhan in Asia
  33. Statue of Sun Yat-sen, the ``Father of the State" (1866 - 1925), in Wuchang
  34. Huangpu Road and Liberation Avenue (``Jiefang Dadao"), in Hankou
  35. Wuhan Customs Building, at Jianghan Road and Riverside Avenue (``Yanjiang Dadao"), in Hankou
  36. Hankou Railway Station
  37. Hankou
  38. Zhongnan Road, in Wuchang
  39. Riverside Park (``Binjiang Gongyuan"), in Hankou

There are some more pictures of Wuhan in Paul Noll's website.