Courses in Political Science 政治学

Courses in International Studies 国际研究

Ph.D. Dissertation Committees 指导博士毕业论文

RoleStudent AuthorDissertation TitleDefense Date
MemberMatthew BeckerDivided Schools and Divided Societies: Ethnic Saliency, Socialization, and Attitudes among High School Seniors in Bosnia and Herzegovina20150410F1400
ChairSean S. BentzenPerceptions of Corruption & External Political Efficacy: Regime Stability & Democratic Legitimacy20140611W1030
MemberDan BlazoThe Politics of Atheism in the West20130718R1200
Co-ChairMary McConnell GillipWomen's Substantive Representation in Latin America20130530R0900
MemberGinger DentonPolitical Participation in Asia20100525T1100

M.A. Thesis Committees 指导碩士毕业论文

RoleStudent AuthorDissertation TitleDefense Date
MemberFernanda GutiérrezCitizen Security and Democratization in Latin America: Implications of Law Enforcement Reforms and Demilitarization20170706R1000

Undergraduate Thesis Committees 指导本科毕业论文

RoleStudent AuthorThesis TitleDefense DatePrize
ReaderAlyssa SmithFemininity in Media Portrayals of Chinese Female Soldiers20180501T1200Best East Asian
ChairKatherine L. JonesASEAN Men: A Love Story?20170809W1000
ReaderMegan FergusonProfession or Oppression? An Analysis of Prostitution Regulatory Models and Their Effects on Sexual Violence in Europe20170504R1600
ChairMeredith CuilikEffects of the Senkaku/Diaoyu Island Dispute on Sino-Japanese Economic Relations20170427R1100
ReaderGrant DePoysterAre Chinese Firms Attracted to Political Risk? Locational Determinants of Chinese Outward Foreign Direct Investment20170427R1000
ChairJames DeMarshallTo Donate Is Glorious: The CCP, Chinese Civil Society, and the WenChuan Earthquake20170427R0900Best East Asian
ReaderSarah A. HasselleComparative Analysis of Hong Kong and Taiwan's Independence Movements20170426W1300
ChairEvan Daniel HeitzmannUrbanization and Exclusion: Examining the Wages of Migrant Workers in the Chinese Urban Labor Market20160506F0900
ReaderKayla M. SmithTigers, Flies, and Longines: The Chinese Corruption Crackdown and Its Effect on Conspicuous Consumption20160505R1600
ChairZachary T. CookstonAn Industry Giant's Struggles: Google's Relative Failure within China20160505R1000Best East Asian
ChairLiana Christine TaiOpportunities and Challenges for Socially Responsible Business in China20160505R0900
ChairAllison J. SlusherAn International Crossover: Comparing the Chinese Basketball Association with the National Basketball Association20160503T1600
ChairHarriet FisherThe Chinese Inquisition: Xi Jinping's War on Corruption20150428T1600
ReaderBruce BurleyJapanese Cars Go Local: Japanese Automakers Marketing Strategy in China20150428T1500
ChairTaylor MalcolmFueling the Dragon's Fire: China's Coal Policy20150428T1400
ChairMaxwell AndersonA Shifting Course? A Demographic Analysis of Pro-Environmental Views in China20150428T1100
ReaderDelton RhodesEconomic vs. Ideological Interests: Examining Chinese Arms Exports and Aid20150427M1600
ChairSarah FennoThe Smoking Dragon: A Balancing Act of Health and Economics in China20150427M0900
ChairPalmer WithersBoss Lady: How Chinese Female Managers Succeed in China's Guanxi System20150202M1100
ChairSamuel WilsonMilitary Transactions and Influence: An Analysis of Chinese Military Transactions to Africa and Its Impact on Political Proximity20141208M1400
ReaderKevin ScottThe Impact of Hosting the Summer Olympic Games on Economic Growth in Developing Countries: A Case Study of the 2008 Beijing Games20141205F0900Best East Asian
ChairLuan VuCosts and Benefits of Renminbi Internationalization20140502F0900
ReaderKimberly ButlerGender and Sport in China: Creating New Opportunities for Women?20140430W1200
ReaderWilliam BumpasUncontrolled Enrollment Expansion: Fragmented Authoritarianism in Chinese Higher Education20140429T1600Terasawa
ReaderJames CutchinHow to Win Elections and Influence Parties: Party and Electoral System Development and Manipulation in the Republic of China20140423W1000
ChairEmily BennettProspect of Reform in North Korea: Will China Play a Role?20130503F1000
ChairJessica Elaine SewellSharing Space with the Middle Kingdom: Analyzing Barriers To U.S.-China Space Cooperation20130502R1000Best Inter-regional
ReaderJacqueline BoyceRecycling Behavior in Germany in the Early 1990s: Person-Level and Contextual Determinants of Recycling20130501W1600
ChairMallory Elaine LeeFactors Influencing Self-Identification as Homosexual and Attitudes towards Homosexuality in China20130501W1400
ChairPaul Alexander KynerdTheorizing Factors Influencing Missile Transfers: A Case Study of Sino-Iranian Missile Transfers and Implications for Regional Security20130425R1100
ChairVictoria L. ThomanThe Evolving Benefits of Communist Party Membership in Contemporary China20130425R1000Best East Asian
ChairMegan LoriaAn Analysis of Ethnic Stratification and Determinants of Gender Inequalities in the Chinese Education System20120427F0900
ChairEvan AkinTaxing the Bubble: China's experiment in residential property taxation in Shanghai and Chongqing20120426R1600
ChairJennings TreutelConfucianism and the Modern East Asian20110506F1100
ReaderErin SingletonDoes a Rising Tide Lift All Boats? An Analysis of China's Increasing Gini Coefficient from 1980-200620110504W1300
ChairAlyssa W. YuenChinese Popular Opinion Towards the One Child Policy20110503T1100
ChairMatthew ArcherMaintaining Growth, Reducing Emissions: An Econometric Analysis Of Industrial Sulfur Dioxide Emissions And Economic Growth In China20110427W1500
ReaderRyan ParsonsThe Urbanization of Chinese Citizenship: A Case Study of Shanghai and Suzhou20110427W1300Terasawa
ReaderCooper RimmerThe Role of the Supreme People's Court within the P.R.C.: Judicial Interpretation and Judicial Review20100427T1445Terasawa
ChairBrewer, JessicaBreaking through the Bamboo Ceiling: The Struggle for Gender Parity in High-Level Politics within the Chinese Communist Party20100427T1100
ChairLivingston, ChristopherThe Straw which May Break the Dragon's Back: Perception of Local Cadre Corruption and Its Effects on a Population's Willingness to Participate in Social Unrest in Rural China20100427T1000
ReaderErin CallahanEthnic Conflict and Nationalism in China: A Study of Han Nationalism as Reflected through Uighur-Han Relations20100426M1600
ChairRichard WhitehouseSmall States and Big Powers: Strategic Behavior of Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore20100426M1500
ChairSarasin, TatianaThe Motivational Forces Behind China's Foreign Policy in Africa: An Historical Comparison Between the 1960's and Today20090501F1400
ChairAlecia WaiteThe Olympics as a Catalyst for Chinese Environmental Regulation: A Theory with Three Case Studies from Beijing20090430R1500Best East Asian
ChairKatie SwainChina's Role in the Darfur Crisis: An Inquiry into Global Ethics20090429W0830Best Interregional
ChairKennedy HortonHolding China Back: How the Household Registration System and Education System are Hindering Economic Development in China20090428T1600
ReaderSusan LawrenceThe Beginning of the End: A First Look at Textile and Apparel Trade after the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC)20090423R1600
ChairAnthony YuenMainland Chinese Attitudes Toward the United States20080502F0900Terasawa
ChairLeatherman, VaughanGoing Places: The Shift of the Textile Industry in China20080430W1200
ChairHedglin, DanielMilitary Reforms with Chinese Characteristics: Informal Decentralization in the Chinese Government and Its Effect on Party-Military Relations20080429T1000
ChairMegan RogersAt the Roots of Faith: A Comparative Analysis of the History and Appeal of Buddhism and Christianity in Contemporary China20080428M0900Best East Asian
ChairFlemming, MichaelThe Historical Transformation of Chinese-U.S. Student Migration20060516T1300
ChairKristin BalthazarJapan's Software and Video Game Industries: International Weakness and International Strength20060424M1400
ChairAndrew PiletzChina's Growing Unemployment Problems: Past, Present, and Future20060420R1000Best East Asian
ReaderGordon Fellows20060417M1100
ChairTravis Pierce20060113F1000
ChairMartin PenmanAddressing the 'Other China': Establishing Political Logic as a Reason for Economic Relations across the Taiwan Straits20050512R0900
ChairJohn WatersBuying Democracy? The Effect of Foreign Investment on Taiwan's Democratic Transition20050510T0900
ChairSulakshana RanaDemocracy and Economics: the Influence of Economic Growth on Democratic Values of Chinese People20030910W1500

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