Lurking and waiting

(Waylayer's Fever)

Description and type: standing outside of class before or after scheduled meeting time (SMT) to ask a question or favor of the instructor. Digressive/repressive disorder.

Symptoms and signs: verbal request is characteristically accompanied by a pleading look of absolute sincerity. In severe cases the student may be found waiting on the sidewalk in front of the teacher's house or car, or at the store, bank, or emergency room.

Etiology: some of these symptoms are a normal side effect of pedagorine therapy, but the disorder is most deeply rooted in unchecked childhood wheedling, begging, and other approval-seeking behaviors.

Treatment: appropriamine hydrochloride (Appointex).

Prognosis: excellent, except in cases of pedagorine abuse.

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Copyright 1992 Bill Kaul and Doug Robinson