Appropriamine hydrochloride

(Appointex). 30 mg h.s.

Effects: works on the social inversion centers to generate in student a desire not only to make but to keep appointments, and to arrive for them on time, prepared with requisite materials and questions. Effective with lurking and waiting, for which it was developed; but beneficial results have been obtained with tardiness symptoms as well.

Side effects: may cause student to overgeneralize appointment-making behavior. Student may make appointments to ask questions during class, to visit restroom, to answer each individual question on an exam, to inhale and exhale.

Contraindicated: in Germans, Swiss, and Japanese. Does not interfere with concurrent pedagorine therapy, but dosages should be carefully titrated for optimum effect.

Typical abuse: many campuses have extensive underground networks of appropriamine distribution, generally through departmental and other administrative secretaries.

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Copyright 1992 Doug Robinson and Bill Kaul