Translations from Finnish


  • Maaria Koskiluoma, Tottering House (Huojuva talo, 1983), stage adaptation of Maria Jotuni, Huojuva talo (1936, published posthumously, 1963). Produced at the Frank Theatre, Minneapolis, MN, March-April 1994.
  • Aleksis Kivi, Heath Cobblers (Nummisuutarit) and Kullervo. St. Cloud, MN: North Star Press of St. Cloud, 1993. $11.95 paper. To order or inquire, call +612-253-1636.
  • Yrjö Varpio, The History of Finnish Literary Criticism, 1808-1918. Tampere: Hermes, 1990.
  • Kustaa Vilkuna, New Times for the Old House. Translated for the Department of Ethnology, University of Jyväskylä, 1980.
  • Timo Mäkinen, A Man The Same As You: Mozart's Magic Flute. Translated for the Savonlinna Opera Festival, 1979.

Shorter Scholarly Pieces

  • Mikael Agricola, "The Book Itself Speaks Out Against Its Critics" (1544), and "Preface to the New Testament" (1548). In Western Translation Theory From Herodotus to Nietzsche (99-101).
  • Juhani U. E. Lehtonen, "U. T. Sirelius: Student of FinnoUgric Ethnology." Etnologica Scandinavica (1981): 1321.
  • Kustaa Vilkuna, "Pearl Fishing in Finland and Surrounding Areas." Etnologica Scandinavica (1980) 13351.
  • Päivikki Suojanen, "On the Nature of Knowing in Empirical Case Studies." Suomen antropologi 4 (1979): 192200.
  • Päivikki Suojanen, "The Spontaneous Sermon: Its Production and Context." Abstract of Saarna, saarnaaja, tilanne: Spontaanin saarnan tuottamisprosessi LansiSuomen rukoilevaisuudessa, 30819. Helsinki: Finnish Literature Society, 1978.
  • Asko Vilkuna, "The Tale of the Birch-Bark Strip." Etnologica Scandinavica (1975): 7379.

Scitech and Advertising Translations

  • Medical records, chemical terms, machine translation patents, registration forms, chainsaw and car stereo (and similar) manuals, business correspondence for various U.S.based translation agencies, from Finnish to English and from English to Finnish (1989 to present)
  • Tourist and other advertising brochures for several Finnish hotels and restaurants, the University of Jyvaskyla, the City of Jyvaskyla, the Province of Central Finland (approx. 50 pages per year from 1975 to 1989)
  • Technical documentation, trade fair presentations, and the like (peat power plants, concrete forms, iron foundry equipment, language technologies) for Central Finnish government and private industries, including Valmet, Valtion Teknillinen Tutkimuslaitos (State Technical Research Institute) (approx. 30 pages per year from 1978 to present)
  • Standing contract with Finnish agent of Phillip Morris to translate everything printed in Finnish media dealing with smoking, 1985-1988


Turnings. Translations of contemporary Finnish lyric poems.

Published poems from the collection:

  • Eeva-Liisa Manner, "He stood with his back to me." Potlatch: a creative arts journal 2.1 (Autumn 1990).
  • Paavo Haavikko, "The hand that writes us writes," "The trees are," "So wide in the middle," "You are a long sentence," "Let your sweet memory fade too," "She wanted even her voice to disappear," "And she moves in a room where there is nothing but the expectant water," "My grandfather the emperor was mad, you know," "Imperious goldeneye, waterfowl." Modern Poetry in Translation 5 (Summer 1994): 9699.

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