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  • Soldier's Son is as true as the history of war gets: not the forensics of battle, but the recursive memories of a fatherless boy in a Valvoline cap, whose first knowledge of his father is a gold-starred name on the hero's wall of his hometown. McClelland's eye for the small-town ties that bind the wounds of war brings to mind Thornton Wilder at his best.
    -- Cynthia Shearer

  • In this unusual memoir Ben W, McClelland tells of growing up in an extended family that included his widowed mother, his brother and sister, aunts and uncles, and grandparents in the years following the death of his father in a prisoner of war camp in Germany during World War II. McClelland was too young at the time to have any memory of his father, yet his life-and death-would become the focus of the author's lifetime search. Soldier's Son is a sensitively written and heartwarming book.
    -- Charles East

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