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Everybody Likes a Challenge

I’ve got to tell you, doctor. I’ve found someone new. Her name is Julia.
And what?
Tell me about her.
She’s gorgeous.
Unbelievable body.
Lucky you.
She’s wonderful in every way. She’s sweet, she’s intelligent, she’s beautiful ...
Doctor, I want her so much. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anybody as much as her.
You —?
I haven’t slept with her yet.

So you’ve just met this woman?
No, we’ve been going out for a while now.
But no sex.
She won’t.
She’s a virgin. She believes in exclusivity. She only wants to make love with her husband.
I see. And this doesn’t bother you?
No. Not really. Why should it bother me?
Well. You told me you left your last girlfriend because you couldn’t have sex with her often enough. Because she lost almost all interest in sex after a few months. Right?
That wasn’t the only reason.
But it was the most important one, right?
One of the most important.
And in fact you’ve told me that this has always been your experience with women. That they lose interest in sex after a few months.
Right. So?
So now you’re dating a virgin who won’t have sex with you at all, and it doesn’t bother you?
Well, of course I have hopes.
Of marrying her?
No. Who said anything about marrying? Of breaking down her defenses.
Convincing her to have premarital sex with you.
Premarital? That makes it sound like we’re going to get married.
All right, extramarital. Sex out of wedlock.
So this excites you? Breaking down her defenses?
Of course. Everybody likes a challenge.

So how’s it going with Julia? Are you two still together?
Absolutely. I’ve asked her to be my wife.
Really? Congratulations.
I take it your plan to break down her defenses didn’t work?
Of course it did!
What, you’ve slept with her?
No, but she agreed to marry me!
So you’re marrying her just so she’ll have sex with you.
Of course not. I’m marrying her because I love her. But once we’re married, she’ll have sex with me.
But just now you implied that marrying her was the culmination of your plan to break down her defenses.
Did I? I didn’t mean it that way.

You’re what, 34? 35?
And never been married.
Have you ever wanted to get married before now?
It’s occurred to me.
But have you ever wanted to?
Not really, I guess.
“Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”
You’ve never heard that saying?
It used to be pretty common. Mothers would tell their daughters that, to get them to stay virgins till their wedding nights.
Yeah. The idea was that men will do anything for sex, so you should withhold it till marriage. That way you can trick them into marrying you.
You think Julia’s tricking me?
No, not necessarily. I don’t know her.
I think that old attitude, which seems to have died out more or less since the sixties, was based on a certain view of masculine psychology.
Really? What view?
That a man will do anything for sex, and therefore can be led around by his penis.
So are you implying that that’s true of me? I can be led around by my penis?
It’s possible.

So you’re discounting the possibility that I’m just in love with Julia, and that’s why I want to marry her.
I discount every possible explanation. That doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I’m just considering other possibilities as well.
Well, stop looking. The only explanation that counts here is that I love her, and want to spend the rest of my life with her.
Let me ask you this. Every other woman you’ve ever been with for more than six months has gotten tired of sex.
Mind, I don’t think that’s true of every woman; I think maybe you’ve had some bad luck. But it does happen.
What if it happens with Julia?
It won’t.
How can you be sure, till you’ve slept with her for six months?
She’s so passionate!
You said Kirsten was passionate too, at first. And that was when you were sleeping with her.
But Kirsten was sort of playfully passionate. It was like a big game to her. Julia is very, well ... intense. Sort of smolderingly intense. I can’t imagine that intensity waning in her.
What if it does? Or what if it turns into an intense unwillingness to make love?
It won’t. Trust me. You don’t know her.

I don’t want to say “I told you so,” doctor, but ... I told you so!
What? You look like you just won the lottery.
I did!
No. Julia!
It was a lovely wedding, by the way. Thanks for inviting me.
Yeah, yeah, you’re welcome. But listen!
What? Fireworks on your wedding night?
I’m glad for you.
Don’t sound so blasé. I know what you’re thinking: sex is always hot at first. But this was different!
How was it different?
She was a wild woman in bed. Thrashing around, moaning, screaming. Pounding me on the shoulders, clawing at my back.
And when she came, I think she almost blacked out.
Well, she says she doesn’t remember the end. And it did look like she might have blacked out. Maybe just for a second.
So you’re sure she had an orgasm?
Of course! What else could it have been?
I don’t know. It just strikes me as unusual for a virgin to have an orgasm on her wedding night.
But I told you, doctor, Julia is so passionate! This is exactly what I’d expect of her!
If you don’t mind my asking, what were you doing when she almost blacked out?
Making love, I told you.
But what exactly?
I’m not sure what you mean.
Were you, uh, stimulating her clitoris?
I don’t know, I guess I must have been, the way she got off.
But you didn’t have your finger or tongue on it.
No. We were making love.
Making love, meaning “fucking”?
Genital intercourse.
And did you try to rub or lick her clitoris?
A little, yeah. But she wouldn’t let me. She was sort of embarrassed about that stuff down there.
But, you know, she was a virgin, give her time, right? She’ll learn.
And when exactly did she have this black-out reaction?
What do you mean?
When in relation to your orgasm?
I don’t know, just before it, I guess. That’s what made it so unbelievably exciting!

So tell me, how’s Julia?
Fine, just fine.
Still passionate?
As passionate as ever. Of course it’s only been three months. But still.
Has she blacked out again?
Every time?
Not every time. Almost, though.
Does this worry her?
A little, I guess. It bothers her that I have to tell her how wonderful it was, afterwards. That she doesn’t remember.
It worries me too. It’s not normal.
But that’s the great thing about it, doctor! Most women just lie there; Julia is like a wild animal! If normal means just lying there, I don’t want her to be normal!

Is she still blacking out at the same moment during sex? Just before you climax?
Sometimes before?
Sometimes long before?
Well, I don’t know about long before. But it does happen, I guess. Like, fairly early on.
And does she snap out of it right away?
But usually not?
Well. She’s usually out for a minute or two, I guess.
Which means that, when she passes out early, you do end up climaxing while she’s “just lying there.”
Occasionally, yes.
And this doesn’t worry you?

Doctor, I guess I am getting a little worried now.
I was wondering when that would happen. You’ve held out against my worries for months now.
Well, new things keep happening.
Such as?
Well, she’s started blacking out other times too. Not just in bed.
The other day she was standing at the sink washing dishes and I came up behind her, cupped her breasts and kissed her neck. She slumped in my arms, her head lolled forward before I could catch it and banged on the countertop.
Ouch. Did she hurt herself?
No. Just raised a little bump. But she was out for a couple of minutes.
Yes, this is very worrisome.
And then there’s the drooling.
She’s been drooling?
Just during sex.

Well, doctor, you were right.
Yes. The tests all confirmed it.
So do they have her on medication?
And is it helping?
No more seizures?
That’s good, right?
Of course.
You’re relieved?
Of course.
She’s lost all interest in sex, hasn’t she.
Yes. You knew this?
I suspected as much. I’ve heard of epilepsy cases like this.
Maybe a different medication, though? Please, doctor, there must be something.
I don’t think so. Sorry.

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