Textbooks and Dictionary


  • Becoming a Translator: An Introduction to The Theory and Practice of Translation. London and New York: Routledge, 2003. 2nd (revised edition of Becoming a Translator: An Accelerated Course. London: Routledge, 1997. A textbook for classrooms or selfstudy, using suggestopedic (acceleratedlearning) techniques to speed up the learning process.
  • With Vesa Haggblom: The Light Fantastic. Helsinki: Otava, 1983. (11thgrade English textbook for Finnish public schools)
  • With Diana Webster, Liisa Elonen, Leena Kirveskari, Seppo Tella, and Thelma Wiik. Jet Set 9. Helsinki: Otava, 1982. (9thgrade English textbook for Finnish public schools).


  • FinnishEnglish dictionary, with Ilkka Rekiaro. To order or inquire, fax Gummerus/Helsinki at +3580604998.
    Suomi/englanti/suomisanakirja (FinnishEnglishFinnish Dictionary, 26,000 entries in each direction). Jyvaskyla: Gummerus, 1989 (9 editions to date).
    Suomi/englanti/suomitaskusanakirja (FinnishEnglishFinnish Pocket Dictionary). Jyväskylä: Gummerus, 1990.
  • Published as separate largeformat volumes: Suomi/englantisanakirja (FinnishEnglish Dictionary, Robinson) and Englanti/suomisanakirja (EnglishFinnish Dictionary, Rekiaro). Jyväskylä: Gummerus, 1991.
  • Electronic version for Windows: Suomi/englanti/suomi elektroninen sanakirja (FinnishEnglishFinnish Electronic Dictionary). Jyvaskyla: Gummerus, 1994.
  • Revised edition (30,000 entries in each direction, Jyväskylä: Gummerus, 1995).


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