Mnemotomine solution

(Forget-Me-Not). 1 ml/day.

Effects: acts as a memory-enhancer by suppressing prejudices against memorization ("I'm no good at memorization," "Memorization is stupid"). Student will want to memorize his/her lecture notes well in advance of an examination, and will find his/her visual memory enhanced manyfold. Effective with students suspected of cheating.

Side effects: may lead to inadvertent plagiarism through the enhancement of visual memory; the student on mnemotomine solution may find him/herself "copying" down a passage from a secondary source verbatim even after the book is closed. May be supplemented with xeroclonodase solution.

Contraindicated: in connection with disruptive, unsettling, or otherwise unapproved events that student is not expected to store in memory.

Typical abuse: mnemotomine solution is one of the most prevalent drugs in the student subculture, as it is not only enormously attractive for midterms and finals but relatively easy to synthesize and therefore inexpensive to purchase. Some professors, reasoning that it doesn't matter how one obtains the right answer, so long as one obtains it, look through their fingers at mnemotomine abuse. Right as they may be about the means and the ends, these professors forget the important point that they, tenured professionals, must control dosages at all times; otherwise the students might as well be teaching themselves.

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