Bunzocaine topical ointment

(Numbuns). 10%/g. Apply liberally to buttocks, back of thighs, and lumbar region before class.

Effects: numbs skin and subdermatous tissues in area of application for up to two hours. Decreases discomfort of tight jeans. Effective with wiggliness. Has also proved beneficial for I.V. preps. Extended-wear plasters available.

Side effects: hampers student's ability to walk to board, stand up to switch off light or open window, or otherwise be of service to instructor during class. May have same disruptive effect on class as handicapped student.

Contraindicated: quadriplegics.

Typical abuse: students in the Sylvester Stallone School of Acting have been known to apply bunzocaine to face; some male students attempt to control premature ejaculation by applying to genitals. There have been recorded cases of vandals smearing bunzocaine on toilet seats in faculty restrooms.

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