LIBA 102-37
How To Do Things With Words
Spring 2004

Shoemaker 114
TTh 4:00-5:45

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LIBA 102-37 Spring 2004

How To Do Things With Words

Text: Robinson, "Performative Pragmatics" (course pack, available at CopyTime); Teacher's Guide


Th 1/8 Introduction
Tu 1/13 Ch. 1 Metaphors of Language, discussion
Th 1/15 Writing (as drama and "mechanics"), Ch. 1 exercises
Tu 1/20 Ch. 3 Performatives, discussion
Th 1/22 Writing (as performative), Ch. 3 exercises
Tu 1/27 First draft of first paper due; peer review
Th 1/29 Final draft of first paper due; Ch. 4 Types of Speech Act, discussion
Tu 2/3 Go over first paper; Ch. 4 exercises
Th 2/5 Ch. 5 Creating Context, discussion
Tu 2/10 Writing (as creating context), Ch. 5 exercises
Th 2/12 Ch. 6 Taking Turns, discussion
Tu 2/17 First draft of second paper due; peer review
Th 2/19 Writing (as taking turns), Ch. 6 exercises; final draft of 1st paper due
Tu 2/24 Ch. 7-8 Flouting/Violating/Infringing Maxims, discussion
Th 2/26 Go over second paper; Ch. 7-8 exercises
Tu 3/2 Writing (as implicature)
Th 3/4 Ch. 9 Divergent Maxims, discussion

Spring Break

Tu 3/16 Writing (as addressing an audience); Ch. 9 exercises
Th 3/18 First draft of third paper due; peer review
Tu 3/23 Ch. 10 Conversational Invocature, discussion; final draft of first paper due
Th 3/25 no class
Tu 3/30 Go over third paper; Ch. 10 exercises; Writing (as invocature)
Th 4/1 Ch. 11 Embodied Language, discussion
Tu 4/6 Writing (as body language); Ch. 11 exercises
Th 4/8 no class
Tu 4/13 Ch. 12 Politeness and Face, discussion
Th 4/15 Writing (as protecting your reader's face); Ch. 12 exercises
Tu 4/20 First draft of fourth paper due; peer review
Th 4/22 Final draft of fourth paper due; start movie
Tu 4/27 Go over fourth paper; finish movie
Th 4/29 Wrap-up

Requirements: two drafts each of four 3-page papers

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