The Theater-Museum Dali in Figueres, the town two hours' train ride north of Barcelona where Dali was born. Created by Dali himself in the ruins of the Principal Theater of Figueres, destroyed in 1939 during the Civil War. Opened in 1974.




Figueres: Theater-Museum Dali

The Carro-Naval (1978). Installation with a Cadillac, a column of car tires, a reproduction of Miguel Angel's slave and Gala's ship, with works of other artists incorporated (Ernst Fuchs' Queen Esther and a reproduction of a marble bust by François Girardon. (in the Central Patio)

Gala nude, viewed at sea, converting to a portrait of Abraham Lincoln at a distance of 20 meters (homage to Rothko) (1976)

The Apotheosis of the Dollar (1965)

Galatea of the Spheres (1952)

Mae West Hall (1974)

Crucify Jesus for 20 centimos




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