Black Carnival

Moscow Theater Olympiad

June 2001

Street theater companies from around the world, with a "black" theme; at Hermitage Garden




Black Carnival

The Hermitage Theater, at the beginning of the Black Carnival

Natural Theater Company: "Coneheads" (Great Britain)

Teodor Tezhik (Russia), Installation

Arkhangelsk Youth Theater: "Bolero" (dir. Viktor Panov, Russia)

Carabosse (France): Lighters of the Flame

Formalniy Teatr: "Orlando Furioso" (dir. Andrey Moguchy, Russia)

Ton und Kirschen Theater: "Doctor Faustus" (dir. David Johnston, Margarete Biereye, Germany (scene: demons emerging from Hell)

Teodor Tezhik (Russia), stage performance

Teatr Biuro Podrozy: "Carmen Funebre" (dir. Pavel Shkotak, Poland), a mystery play allegorizing war and its victims

Teodor Tezhik (Russia), Installation




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