Video clips of Sacred Harp singing

A large number of Sacred Harp videos are available at YouTube, with new ones being added every week. My Sacred Harp playlist features a selection of high-quality clips illustrating a variety of leaders and local traditions. A couple of samples are below. To view them, you must have a Flash player installed.

This is the Michiana Sacred Harp singing, near Goshen, Indiana, 14 July 2007. Anne and Warren Steel lead "Arnold," music by L.P. Breedlove (1803-1864); words by Charles Wesley superimposed on the screen. Video by Peggy Brayfield.
Awake, My Soul is the first feature documentary about the Sacred Harp singers, a 'Lost Tonal Tribe' who, in the deep south, continue to sing some of the oldest songs in America. Directed by Matt and Erica Hinton.
Warren Steel (

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