Selected Texts

Songs Sacred, Moral and Patriotick

The following Miscellany contains texts of all kinds associated with tunes in The Sacred Harp and other tunebooks. They include original secular texts whose tunes are set to sacred words in the tunebooks, including some poems that are models for the sacred texts. Also included are some hymns and spiritual songs not readily available elsewhere in complete form. Occasionally two or more related poems are given under the same heading.

Icon  Name                    Size  Description
[TXT] Adeste.txt 1.3K Adeste Fideles [TXT] Alknomook.txt 1.6K The Death Song of the Cherokee Indian [TXT] AmericanStar.txt 1.7K The American Star [TXT] Anacreon.txt 2.5K Anacreontick Song [TXT] Arethusa.txt 3.9K The Saucy Arethusa [TXT] BabeofBethlehem.txt 2.8K The Babe of Bethlehem [TXT] BeKind.txt 1.5K Be Kind by Courtney [TXT] Braes.txt 1.3K The Braes o' Balquhidder by Tannahill [TXT] Bruce.txt 3.0K Bruce's Address by Burns [TXT] Bucket.txt 4.2K The Old Oaken Bucket by Woodworth [TXT] Bunker-Hill.txt 2.8K The American Hero by Niles [TXT] Chester.txt 1.0K Chester [TXT] ChristianSong.txt 1.3K The Dying Christian by Amintor [TXT] ChristmasHymn.txt 1.6K Christmas Hymn [TXT] Cleopatra.txt 2.2K Antony to Cleopatra by Lytle [TXT] Columbia.txt 2.6K Columbia by T. Dwight [TXT] ComeAway.txt 4.2K Come, Come Away [TXT] Corydon.txt 2.1K Pastoral Elegy by N. Dwight [TXT] CrossOfChrist.txt 2.2K The Cross of Christ [TXT] David.txt 1.1K David's Victory by Hannah More [TXT] Dialogue.txt 2.6K Dialogue: A Believer and His Soul [TXT] Du-du.txt 1.6K Du, Du liegst mir im Herzen [TXT] Dulcimer.txt 1.9K Redemption by Swain [TXT] DullCare.txt 1.4K The Friendly Society [TXT] DyingCalifornian.txt 2.5K The Dying Californian [TXT] Emanuel.txt 1.7K Emanuel for Christmas [TXT] FemalePilgrim.txt 1.3K Female Pilgrim [TXT] Friendship.txt 1.8K Friendship [TXT] Gloom.txt 3.5K The Gloom of Autumn by Gridley [TXT] GoForgetMe.txt 1.0K A Farewell by Wolfe [TXT] GreenFields.txt 1.1K Green Fields [TXT] Hail.txt 2.1K The President's March by Hopkinson [TXT] HappyMatches.txt 2.0K Few Happy Matches by Watts [TXT] HicksFarewell.txt 1.7K Hicks' Farewell [TXT] IndianPhilosopher.txt 2.4K The Indian Philosopher by Watts [TXT] Krambambuli.txt 2.5K Krambambuli [TXT] Legacy.txt 1.1K The Legacy by Moore [TXT] Liberty.txt 679 Anthem for the Fourth of July [TXT] LongAgo.txt 944 Long, Long Ago by Bayly [TXT] MCHDavisExperience.txt 1.7K M.C.H. Davis' Experience [TXT] Martyrdom.txt 1.6K Ode on Martyrdom [TXT] MasonicOde.txt 2.4K A View of the Temple by Weeks [TXT] Milford.txt 729 A Hymn for Easter Day [TXT] Morality.txt 1.6K Morality by More [TXT] Mount-Vernon.txt 1.2K Death of Washington [TXT] NewJordan.txt 1.3K New Jordan [TXT] Ode.txt 4.6K Ode on Life's Journey [TXT] PartingGlass.txt 1.1K The Parting Glass [TXT] Peace.txt 1.3K A Hymn on Peace [TXT] Plenary.txt 2.0K Auld Lang Syne by Burns [TXT] PrimroseHill.txt 1.9K Primrose Hill [TXT] Rosin.txt 2.5K Old Rosin the Beau [TXT] RoyalBand.txt 1.8K The Royal Band [TXT] SawYe.txt 4.9K Saw ye my father? [TXT] Shiloh.txt 1.6K Shiloh for Christmas [TXT] SocialBand.txt 1.5K The Masonick Farewell by Burns [TXT] SoldiersDream.txt 1.3K The Soldier's Dream by Campbell [TXT] Solitude.txt 1.0K Sweet Solitude by More [TXT] SweetHome.txt 2.9K Home, Sweet Home by Payne [TXT] Texas.txt 1.3K A Song of Texas [TXT] TheGift.txt 824 The Gift [TXT] Transport.txt 2.5K The Transport by Granade [TXT] Viva.txt 836 Viva Tutte [TXT] WanderersGrave.txt 2.0K The Wanderer's Grave by Sage [TXT] WarDepartment.txt 4.4K The Glorious Effects of the Gospel [TXT] Warren.txt 3.5K Warren by Byles [TXT] WhitePilgrim.txt 4.8K The White Pilgrim by Ellis [TXT] Zula.txt 1.5K Zula Zong [TXT] happy.txt 1.2K Happy on the Way by Henson [TXT] overcome.txt 1.8K I'll overcome someday by Tindley [TXT] singing.txt 1.1K How can I keep from singing? [TXT] standbyme.txt 952 Stand by me by Tindley