16. The Hymn Society

The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada is an organization of hymn lovers, particularly church musicians, clergy, hymn writers, and scholars. The Society is interdenominational and many of its members appreciate shape-note hymnody. Membership includes a subscription to the quarterly journal The Hymn, which often contains well-researched articles about early American hymnody, and the semi-annual newsletter The Stanza. The Society sponsors workshops and conferences annually. Through the Hymn Society Book Service, one can order many Christian hymnals (Protestant and Catholic), including shape-note tunebooks in print or in facsimile form, and scholarly books about hymnody. There is an online discussion board and bulletin board for posting of new hymn texts by members. Annual membership dues are US$95 for regular members, US$50 for retirees, and US$40 for students. Other categories of membership are available.

Please direct inquiries regarding the Hymn Society or hymns copyrighted by the Hymn Society to office@thehymnsociety.org and not to the compiler of this shape-note music resource guide, Steven Sabol, who is not an official or employee of the Society.

[NEW] The Hymn Society in the U.S. and Canada Facebook Group. This active forum for discussions, questions, etc. has around 1700 members.

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