Sacred Harp Singing

Oxford, Mississippi

The closing song, March 9, 2014. Photo by Yaeko Takada.

After two years pandemic break, the annual all-day Oxford Sacred Harp singing will be held on Sunday, March 12, 2023, beginning at 9:45 am, at a new location, the Lafayette County Arena, 70 Buddy East Parkway (CR 406). The singing, which takes place annually on the second Sunday in March, attracting singers from Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and other states, is sponsored by the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council and the Center for the Study of Southern Culture. For further information, email Warren Steel at

From the east (Tupelo, Alabama), take US 278 (hwy 6). As you approach Oxford, turn left at the first stoplight onto Buddy East Parkway. Go 900 feet and turn left at the Arena. From north or south (hwy 7). Take exit for US 278 East (Pontotoc), turn right at the first stoplight onto Buddy East Parkway. Go 900 feet and turn left at the Arena.
Coordinates: Lat 34.355113234691466, Long -89.48457281208715

[ Photographs of the 2010 singing (Martha Beverly) ]

Minutes of the 2020 Singing

Powerhouse Community Arts Center
Oxford, Mississippi
March 8, 2020

The fortieth annual Oxford Sacred Harp Singing was held in the Powerhouse Community Arts Center on the second Sunday in March. The class was called to order by Warren Steel leading 138b and 556. Earl Ballinger offered the morning prayer. Mark Davis led 114 and 209. Teresa Montgomery was appointed secretary, Drew McGuire, arranging committee. Leaders: Teresa Montgomery (AL) 276, 192; Matt Bell (TN) 271t, 216; Darlene Reynolds 454, 490; Tim Gregg (KY) 467, 567; Loretta Whitman (AL) 97, 217; Liz Patton (MA) 511, 373; Logan Green (TN) 296, 425; Glenn Keeton (AL) 549, 278t.


Drew McGuire brought the class to order leading 275b and 329. Leaders: Henry McGuire 171, 172; Chuck Howell 32t, 112; Judy Caudle (AL) 389, 111t; Scotty Polston 129, 100; Anne Steel 229, 480; Arlon Gardner, Sophia Gardner and Samantha Gardner, 291, 505; Lisa Geist (AL) 394, 228; Butch White (AL) 547, 74b; Nicholas Thompson (AL) 215, 460; Caroline Green (TN) 273, 86; Mark Tew 36b, 268; Linda Funderburk 377, 143.


Warren Steel called the afternoon session to order leading 280. Leaders: Curtis Gregory 341, 40; Kim Funderburk 282; Earl Ballinger (AL) 167, 182. A memorial lesson was held. Liz Patton led 187 for the sick and homebound. Judy Caudle led 499 in memory of the deceased: Roy Davis, Mary Chrestman, Marie Price (Mississippi); Ottis Sides, John Beasley, Ronald Gilmore, Wilda Holmes, Margaret Spurlock (Alabama); Charlene Wallace, Edna Garst (Georgia); Ann K. Ray (Tennessee); Sonny Erwin (Texas); and Aubrey Barfield (Florida). Drew McGuire offered the memorial prayer. Other leaders: Lauren Allen (AL) 323b, 343; Jeff Corbett (AR) 99, 503b; Louise Yeager (AL) 569b, 68b; Jan Murray 32b, 457; Larry Ballinger (AL) 157, 158; Tim Gregg 69b; Liz Patton 34t; Matt Bell and Logan and Caroline Green 227; Lisa Geist and Larry and Earl Ballinger 528; Lauren Allen, Margaret Keeton (AL), Loretta Whitman and Louise Yeager 426b; Drew McGuire 236. Following announcements, Warren Steel, Teresa Montgomery and Drew McGuire led the closing song on 285t, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Drew McGuire.

Chairman - Warren Steel,
Vice-Chairman - Mark Davis,
Secretary - Teresa Montgomery

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