The Bond Club of New York

Tribute from The Bond Club of New York

In Memoriam

At a meeting of the Board of Governors and members of The Bond Club of New York held on the twenty-seventh of May, nineteen hundred and twenty-seven, the following tribute was unanimously adopted:

In the death of Sanger B. Steel the Bond Club has lost one who was held in the affectionate regard of all who enjoyed the privilege of his friendship. During the past two years Mr. Steel suffered an illness which became great in its burden, but through it all he bore himself cheerfully and without complaint.

It was he who brought to completion our first Annual Field Day. He served as President in the year 1921-22, and as a member of the Board of Governors from 1922 to 1925.

He was endowed with a charm of personality which always lightened the severity of business, and with a brilliance of mind which was quick in sympathetic understanding.

Throughout a career of substantial achievement he clung tenaciously to the ideals of fair dealing, and it is in a spirit of profound sorrow and deep regret that we offer this Minute in Memory of our beloved friend and fellow member.

Board of Governors