The Makers of the Sacred Harp:
Addenda and Corrigenda

In this space we offer "value added" to readers of The Makers of the Sacred Harp in the form of supplemental illustrations that could not be printed in the published version. We also provide corrections to errors found in the book, as well as updated information from current research by the authors and others.

Additional Illustrations

  1. Cover art by Bethanne Hill, with explanation of the picture
  2. Dick Hulan and William J. Reynolds at the conference on American hymnody, Belmont University, Nashville, 2005, page xiv, photo
  3. Warren Steel, with Mississippi singer Jan Murray and commemorative fan, at signing at Square Books, Oxford, Mississippi, 2 December 2010, page xv, photo
  4. George Troup, page 12, engraving
  5. William McIntosh, page 12, colored engraving
  6. Indian Land Cessions in Georgia (plate 1), page 12, color map
  7. 1825 Sections, page 13, map
  8. Detail from A New Map of Georgia (plate 2), page 13, color map
  9. Blind Tom Bethune, page 13, engraving
  10. Tom and Amanda Denson, page 26, photo
  11. Temple Church, London, page 40, photo
  12. John Playford, page 40, engraving
  13. Methodists Proceeding to their Camp-Meeting (Plate 5), page 59, colored engraving
  14. Methodist Camp-Meeting, page 59, colored engraving
  15. John Leland (plate 6), page 71, painting
  16. Oliver Bradfield family, page 89, photo
  17. P. Dan Brittain, page 101, photo
  18. George and Addie Daniell, page 103, photo
  19. Tombstone of Sarah Lancaster, page 131, photo
  20. L. L. Ledbetter, page 132, photo
  21. C. F. Letson, page 132, photo
  22. "The White Pilgrim," page 220, broadside

Addenda: Deceased since 2010


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