Keith Willard, owner of the Fasola singings mailing list and creator of the Fasola home page, long ago convinced me (with some difficulty) that the World Wide Web was a useful way to distribute information on Sacred Harp singing. Jimmy Ball presented an introductory seminar on Web design at MCSR and provided the space for users to create home pages on the MCSR server. Kathy Gates ( assisted with scanning and modifying the graphics in the early stages. In 2015 the site was moved and combined with other materials on the University server devoted to personal and organizational home pages. Assistance from Ben Pharr of MCSR and Robby Seitz made this transfer possible..

Ginnie Ely ( provided instructive documents on leading music and other issues. Doug Allison sent in recipes for dinner on the grounds, while the editors of the cookbook Blessings at Noon also allowed recipes to be reprinted online. Steven L. Sabol, Chris Thorman, Robert Hall, and David Ivey have allowed their printed publications to be archived at this site; Annie Grieshop has been instrumental in maintaining several important singing schedules.

Ishmael the Fiddler provided the shaped note-heads illustrating the four notes, and several scans from early New England music books. The photo of the Oxford singing is by the late Yaeko Takada, and is used with permission, as are the photos of the Potomac River Convention by Steven L. Sabol and the photo of Dinner on the Grounds by James P. Carnes.

The frontispiece graphic is a work of stitchery by the late Ethel Wright Mohamed of Belzoni, Mississippi, reflecting her childhood memories of Sacred Harp singing at Double Springs Baptist Church in Webster County, Mississippi; it is used by permission of Mama's Dream World: The Ethel Wright Mohamed Stitchery Museum, 307 Central, Belzoni MS 39038, a non-profit foundation dedicated to preserving this artist's work. The acrylic painting of a singing is the work of Birmingham artist Bethanne Hill, and is used by permission.

Warren Steel (

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