Green House Gas Inventory

Campus GHG Inventory

Chancellor Khayat signed the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment on May 15 2008. According to that commitment the University of Mississippi' first Green House Gas inventory is due on May 15 2009. The Clean Air Cool Planet CA-CP Campus Carbon Calculator™, will be used to generate the data for the ACUPCC.

2008 Emmission sources compared to the ACUPCC Average for Doctoral Institutions -- Metric Tons of CO2 equivalents

The online spreadsheet here: contains 13 individual worksheets (listed below)

Data Collection Instructions, Notes:

Institutional Data (By year)

—Scope 1 Emissions Sources—

On-Campus Cogeneration Plant(s)

Other On-Campus Stationary Sources

Direct Transportation Sources - University Fleet

Refrigerants & Chemicals

Agriculture Sources - Fertilizer Applications

Synthetic Pounds
% Nitrogen
Organic Pounds
% Nitrogen

—Scope 2 Emissions Sources—

—Scope 3 Emissions Sources—


Directly Financed Outsourced Travel

Solid Waste


Recycled Paper