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Professional Pharmacy Courses

Medicinal Chemistry of Therapeutic Agents
       The course introduces the chemical and physical properties of medicinal agents, relationships of the structure of drugs to pharmacological properties, absorption, distribution and metabolism profiles, chemical stability, mechanism of action, and clinically significant drug interactions. The goals of the class are for students to acquire a fundamental understanding of medicinal chemistry and be able to apply this knowledge in the management of diseases through appropriate drug therapy.

Herbal Dietary Supplements and Alternative Therapy
      This course presents the use of plants and other products as dietary supplements. It covers all of the herbs used today, including aspects of regulation, activities, purity, quality, and drug-herb interactions. It also introduces alternative therapies that are used in place of and/or with conventional medicine. The course objectives are to place natural product usage into the context of pharmacy practice and to provide sound information for patients about the use of dietary supplements and alternative therapies.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
      The goal of the course is to provide information and perspective on complementary and alternative medicine to integrate into the professional practice of pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. A major area of focus is dietary supplements, and an overview of research, development, and integration into pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical care is given.

Undergraduate Courses

Organic Chemistry I & II for Pre-pharmacy students
      These classes present the major principles and concepts of organic chemistry that are most important in understanding topics in biochemistry, biology, and medicinal chemistry. The learning objectives are designed to integrate into the pre-professional pharmacy curriculum. The emphasis of this course sequence is upon chemical reactions of pharmaceutically relevant classes of compounds.

Organic Chemistry
      The major learning objectives for this course are: 1) understand how to name and draw organic molecules, 2) understand basic chemical reactions and be able explain how they work (mechanisms), and 3) recognize how the structure of an organic molecule relates to its physical properties. These objectives are the fundamentals and principles of organic chemistry that will help with understanding other advanced topics in curriculums of non-chemistry majors.

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