MKTG 565: Advanced Advertising
TTh 8:00-9:15, Barnard 105
Spring, 1998

Instructor: Dr. Victoria Bush                                                     E-mail:
Office: Holman 370                                                                      Phone: 232-7742, dept. 7102
Office Hrs: TTh 9:30-11:30, 1:00-2:00
or by appointment

Course Objective:

The purpose of this course is to provide you with an opportunity to review concepts you have learned in previous classes/jobs and apply them in a real-world setting. This will be achieved by learning ad strategy, studying problems and opportunities faced by ad managers through direct interaction in the classroom as well as field trips, critiquing advertisements, sharing each others experiences' in the ad industry, and by developing a campaign for a real-world client.

Required Text:

Parente, Vanden Bergh, Barban, & Marra. Advertising Campaign Strategy, 1996. Dryden Press.

Course Format:

Based on your input, a combination of lecture, discussions, and individual and group work/presentations will be the basic format. Therefore, this class is heavily dependent on your contribution and participation. Attendance will be taken periodically -- especially during any presentations.

Exams (50 points each):

Based on your input, four exams will be given throughout the semester. The format will consist of multiple choice, essay and short answer. The content of these tests will come primarily from the required text and lectures unless otherwise instructed.

Make-up work:

The ad industry has no provision for late work. Exam and assignment dates are imperative. If you must miss an exam due to a University approved excuse, you must take a comprehensive final exam that will replace the "0" of the exam you missed. If you cannot make your presentation date, switch with a classmate or receive a "0".

Individual Ad Assignment (75 points):

Based on the experience of the students in this class, you will be responsible for providing a five page, double spaced, spell-checked, well organized report on one of two subjects. Either: 1) a report on your experience as an advertising intern, or 2) a critique of what you perceive as one good and one bad advertisement. Guidelines for these papers will be provided shortly. SPELLING AND GRAMMAR will be checked -- one point per error.

Ad Executive Interview (75 points):

Each student will make a 15 minute presentation to class about an executive involved in the advertising/communications business. This can be a person from an ad agency, a media buying organization, a public relations firm, a communications director within the client organization, etc. A five page, double-spaced, well organized and spell-checked (SPELLING AND GRAMMAR will be checked -- one point per error) report is required on the date of your presentation that covers:

Resume and Cover Letter Assigment (75 points):

Based on your input, resumes appear to be quite important to you and can always be improved upon. Provide me with an updated resume and cover letter that you would send out to a prospective employer. Make this realistic by choosing and researching a company you really want to work for. Again, SPELLING AND GRAMMAR will be checked -- one point per error. This will be a two step process. First, the initial draft will be graded. Then, a revised final draft will be graded if you choose to do so.

Final Project Campaign and Presentation (150 points):

The class will be devided into @five ad agencies (feel free to name/logo your organization). Each agency will "bid" (i.e. compete) for a prospective real-world client. This will be accomplished by developing a campaign proposal for a local organization. This plan should consist of a well integrated and carefully documented proposal to accomplish the client's goal. Further, each of you can use this document as an example of your accomplishments in school when interviewing.

Progress Reports (25 points each):

Three progress reports will be required throughout the semester to ensure a solid plan.

As a group, you will choose your roles in your agency. Each group should have at least an Account Executive, Creative Director, Media Director, and Traffic Manager. The responsibilities of these positions will be discussed in class.

Each agency will recieve a grade for the project based on its chances of winning the account from me and the client. Peer evaluations will also play a major role in the assignment of individual grades. At the end of the project, you will evaluate each agency member on such items as responsibility, contribution, preparation, and attitude.


The final grade for the semester will be determined using the following point totals:

Assignment: Points:

Exam I                                                  50

Exam II                                                 50

Exam III                                                50

Exam IV                                                50

Individual Ad Assignment                     75

Ad Executive Interview/Presentation    75

Resume and Cover Letter                       75

Campaign Status Reports (3 at 25 each) 75

Final Project Report and Presentation  150

Participation/Peer Evaluations               50

Total Possible Points                             700

MKTG 565: Tentative Course Schedule

Week of: Topics: Text Ch. Assmt/Exam Deadlines: Interview Pres. Sign-up:
Jan. 12  The Advertising Industry 

and its Role in Marketing

19 Understanding Clients 

and Consumers

26 Segmentation and Positioning 3 Tu. 1/27: __________ 

Th. 1/29: __________

Feb. 2 Positioning Cont'd  3

Exam I: Th. 2/5 (1-3)

Tu. 2/3: ___________
9 The Ad Resume 

Building Brand Equity


Tu. 2/10: __________ 

Th. 2/12: __________

16 Mktg. Communication 


5 Tu. 2/17: Resume and Cover letter due Tu. 2/17: __________ 

Th. 2/19: __________

23 Finding your Creative 



Th. 2/26: Progress Rep1

Tu. 2/24: __________ 

Th. 2/26: __________

Mar. 2 Creativity cont'd  6

Exam II: Th. 3/5 (4-6)

Tu. 3/3: ___________
16 Media Strategy  7

3/19: Ad Assmt. due

Th. 3/19:___________

23 Related Marketing Communications 8 Tu. 3/24: Progress Rep2 Tu. 3/24: __________ 

Th. 3/26: __________

30 Evaluating Campaign 



Exam III. Th. 4/2 (7-9)

Tu. 3/31: __________
April 6 Writing the Plan  10

Th. 4/9: Progress Rep3

Tu. 4/7: ___________ 

Th. 4/9: ___________

13 Making Presentations  11 Tu. 4/14: __________
20 Campaign Presentations  Campaign Presentations
27 Review and Catch-up 

Exam IV: Tu. 4/28

May 4  Finals Week Comp Final make-up 

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