MKTG 351: Marketing Principles
TTh 2:30-3:45, Holman Auditorium 30
Spring 1998

Instructor: Dr. Victoria Bush                                                     E-mail:
Office: Holman 370 (take front stairs to
top floor, second door on left!)                                                   Phone: 232-7742 or
Office Hours: TTh 9:30-11:30, 1:00-2:00                                dept. office 232-7102
or by appointment

Course Description: This course is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of marketing and how you can benefit from it. Regardless of what career path you may choose to follow, you WILL end up using concepts from marketing. Key perspectives that shape marketing decision-making will be introduced. These include relationship building, providing quality and value to consumers, becoming a market oriented firm, use of technology in marketing, ethics in marketing, and other key issues.

Course Objective: The main objective of this course is for you to learn knowledge about the marketing function, understand it, and apply your knowledge on multiple choice tests. In other words, in addition to memorizing definitions, you must be able to apply these concepts to real world situations given in test questions and in class discussions or exercises.

Required Text: Pride and Ferrell, Marketing, 10th ed., Houghton-Mifflin.

Recommended: Pride and Ferrell, Study Guide, 10th ed., Houghton-Mifflin.

Internet Exercises,

Course Requirements: Performance will be evaluated on the following criteria:

                            Points                Percent of Course
Exam 1                 100                         25%
Exam 2                 100                         25%
Exam 3                 100                         25%
Exam 4                 100                         25%
                            400                        100%

Total point grades out of 400:             Percentage Cutoffs:
    358-400 = A                                         89.5 - 100% = A
    318-357 = B                                         79.5 - 89.4 = B
    278-317 = C                                         69.5 - 79.4 = C
    238-277 = D                                         59.5 - 69.4 = D
         <238 = F                                                 < 59.5 = F

No Curves! Sorry baseball fans.

Exams: All four exams will contain 40 multiple choice and 10 true/false questions. Exams will cover lectures, book material, videos, class discussions , guest lectures, etc.

Make-up exams: The marketing industry, as well as any other, has no provision to make-up late work. Exam dates are imperative. If you must miss an exam due to a University approved excuse, you must take a comprehensive final exam which will replace your lowest exam score or if you missed one exam. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged to take exams when scheduled.

Participation: You are expected to attend class regularly to participate in class discussions. Exam questions will be taken from these discussions. You are strongly encouraged to ask questions that are relevant to the topic being presented.

*EXTRA CREDIT*! Throughout the semester, several surprise exercises or activities will be given for that much sought after concept of extra credit. If completed, this credit could add as much as (but not more than) 30 points to your total points for the semester. It might be in your best interest to come to class. . . .

Class conduct: To maximize the learning environment, several guidelines for professional conduct apply in this class:

1) No eating, drinking, smoking, or socializing during class. There are bountiful opportunities for these activities outside of the 2 1/2 hours a week of class.

2) Reading of materials other than the assigned text is prohibited.

3) The instructor has ultimate control over classroom behavior and may eject from the classroom any student engaged in disruptive conduct. This includes any behavior that disrupts the instructor from presentation or interferes with other student's right to pursue knowledge in this course.

4) Cheating is not tolerated. Such acts will result in failure of the course. Although this instructor believes marketing is the best thing since sliced bread, taking the course once is enough.


Week of:    Topics:                                                                     Text Chapters:

Jan.     12         What is Marketing? Why should I care?                             1
                        Careers in Marketing                                                         Appendix A
            19        The Marketing Environment                                                2
            26        Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility                        3
Feb.     2          Global Markets: How do I go global?                                 4
                        Catch-up & review
Exam I (Thursday, Feb. 5): Ch. 1,App. A, 2,3,4
            9          Marketing Research: Why do it?                                         5
            16        Consumer Behavior :
                        What makes them buy/not buy?                                           6
            23        Market Segmentation: Who might buy?                               8
Mar.     2         Product Concepts: What is Positioning?                              9
                        Catch-up & review
Exam II (Thursday, Mar. 5): Ch. 5,6,8,9
            9-13     SPRING BREAK! STUDY SPF 15
            16         Branding and Packaging: Why build brand equity?            11
            23         Services Marketing : Growing job opportunities               12
                         Retailing: Will shopping become obsolete?                       15
            30         Pricing: Why 99?                                                                20
                        Catch-up & review
Exam III (Thursday, Apr. 2): Ch. 11,12,15,20
April     6         Promotion: Do we need it? Is it bad?                                 17
            13         Advertising and Public Relations: What is the
                        difference?                                                                          18
            20         Personal Selling and Sales Promotion:
                         The jobs and money are in sales!                                       19
                          Catch-up & review
Exam IV (Tuesday, Apr. 28): Ch. 17,18,19
                        Grade Results and Review for Optional Final

May 4-8 Final Comprehensive Exam for those who missed one exam or wish to improve their grade (see exam schedule).

*This schedule is tentative and subject to change.

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