Types of Subdivisions

There are four main  types of subdivisions:

Archaeology -- Methodology
Archaeology -- Fiction.
Archaeology -- History -- 18th century
Archaeology -- Egypt

However, listing all of the subdivisions available for each heading would add several more volumes to the already large LCSH. To solve this problem,  there are free-floating subdivisions and pattern headings, both of which are included in the first volume of the LCSH (in newer editions). The free-floating subdivisions are also published separately (call number 
LC 30.2:F 87 ).

In the 27th ed. of the LCSH, more than 3,300  free-floating subdivisions are listed. These subdivisions can be added to the headings by following the instructions (usage notes) following each entry. For example:

Use as a topical subdivision under names of individual educational institutions.
--Tumors   (May Subd Geog)
Use as a topical subdivision under individual organs and regions of the body.
BT  --Diseases

Pattern headings are used to assign
free-floating subdivisions to a category of subject headings. For example, in the category of  "Educational institutions -- Individual," the pattern heading given is Harvard University. This means that the majority of free-floating subdivisions that can be assigned to a university or college will be found in the entries for Harvard University.

Harvard University--Auditing  
Harvard University--Awards 
UF  Harvard University--Prizes [Former Heading]
Harvard University--Bands 
UF  Harvard University--Orchestras and bands [Former Heading]
Harvard University--Baseball

So, if subdivisions are needed for the University of Mississippi, any of the examples under Harvard University could be used.

University of Mississippi--Auditing
University of Mississippi--Awards
University of Mississippi--Bands
University of Mississippi--Baseball

A copy of the Table of Pattern Headings is given below.

Definition of Subject Headings
Library of Congress Subject Headings
Types of Subject Headings
Types of Subdivisions
Example LCSH Entry

Table of Pattern Headings

Pattern Headings
Animals  Cattle
Art    Art, Chinese
Art, Italian
Art, Japanese
Art, Korean
Chemicals    Copper
Colonies  Great Britain—Colonies
Diseases    Cancer
Educational institutions

Harvard University
Universities and colleges
Industries Construction industry
Retail trade
Languages and groups of languages English language
French language
Romance languages
Legal topics  Labor laws and legislation
Legislative bodies  United States. Congress
Literary authors (Groups) Authors, English
Literary works entered under author  Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. Hamlet.
Literary works entered under title Beowulf
Literatures (including individual genres)    English literature
Materials  Concrete
Military services  United States. Air Force.
United States. Army.
United States. Marines
United States. Navy
Music compositions        Operas
Musical instruments       Piano
Organs and regions of the body Heart
Plants and crops                           Corn
Religious bodies
     Religious and monastic orders
     Christian denominations

Catholic Church
Sacred works Bible
Vehicles, Land Automobiles
Wars United States—History—Civil War, 1861-1865