AMS Special Session





Florian Enescu, Georgia State University
Sandra Spiroff, University of Mississippi

List of Speakers (and abstracts)

Chin-Yi Jean Chan, Central Michigan University

Hilbert-Kunz functions without the normal condition

Dale Cutkosky, University of Missouri-Columbia

Asymptotic growth of algebras associated to powers of ideals

Neil Epstein, University of Michigan

A numerical criterion for tight closure of arbitrary ideals

Ananth Hariharan, University of Kansas

3-standardness of the maximal ideal

Inês Henriques, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Koszul modules over short Gorenstein local rings

Livia Hummel, University of Indianapolis

Coherent Gorenstein rings

Daniel Katz, University of Kansas

Uniform equivalence of symbolic and adic topologies

Hamid Kulosman, University of Louisville

Monomial c-sequences

N. Mohan Kumar, Washington University-St. Louis

Arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay bundles on hypersurfaces

Andy Kustin, University of South Carolina

Socle degrees, resolutions, and Frobenius powers

Graham Leuschke, Syracuse University

Dualizing modules and Gorenstein presentations

Jinjia Li, Middle Tennessee State University

Some observations on rigidity of Frobenius endomorphism

Gennady Lyubeznik, University of Minnesota

On the discreteness and rationality of F-jumping coefficients

Satya Mandal, University of Kansas

Real affine varieties and obstruction theories

Jason McCullough, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

On the strong Direct Summand Conjecture

Claudia Miller, Syracuse University

Concerning limit Hilbert-Kunz multiplicites

Hamid Rahmati, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Contracting endomorphisms and Gorenstein modules

Sean Sather-Wagstaff, North Dakota State University

Semidualizing modules and Bass numbers

Karl Schwede, University of Michigan

Discreteness and rationality of F-thresholds on rings with singularities

Bart Snapp, Coastal Carolina University

Free summands of syzygies and Cohen-Macaulay rings

Hema Srinivasan, University of Missouri-Columbia

Generators of the defining ideals of monomial curves

Javid Validashti, University of Kansas

Relative multiplicites of graded algebras

Dana Weston, University of Missouri-Columbia

Examples of some henselian rings

Yongwei Yao, Georgia State University

Uniform test exponents for rings of finite F-representation type