Shari Hodges Holt, Ph. D.

Instructional Assistant Professor of English

The University of Mississippi





Courses Taught

Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials






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Courses Taught

  • Freshman Composition

  • Advanced Composition

  • Professional Writing

  • Freshman Seminar: World Literature (The Supernatural)

  • Victorian Novel (Guest Lecturer)

  • ENGL226 British Literature Survey from Romantic Period to the Present

  • ENGL352 Topics in Popular Literature: Science Fiction

  • ENGL353 Introduction to Film

  • ENGL385 Shakespeare

  • ENGL390 Major Authors of British Literature

  • ENGL396 Junior Seminar, Drama

  • ENGL398 Junior Seminar, History of Literary Criticism

  • ENGL420 Contemporary Literary Theory

  • ENGL436 Major Author of Nineteenth-Century British Literature (Dickens)

  • ENGL468 Special Topics in Film: Film Adaptations of Literature

  • Faculty Seminar: Technical Writing for ESL Faculty, National Center for Physical Acoustics

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Teaching and Research Interests


Teaching Materials

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Writing and Research

Selected Publications & Conference Papers


Ouida The Phenomenon: Evolving Social, Political, and Gender Concerns in Her Fiction. Co-author Natalie Schroeder. Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2008.



"'Transylvania is Not England': Whitby as Mental Landscape in Bram Stoker's Dracula." In preparation.

"'Please Sir, I Want Some More': Clive Donner's Marxist Adaptation of Oliver Twist." In review.

"Dickens from a Postmodern Perspective: Alfonso Cuaron’s Great Expectations for Generation X." Dickens Studies Annual 38 (2007): 69-92.

"The Gin Epidemic:  Gin Distribution as a Means of Control and Profit in Dickens’s Early Nonfiction and Oliver Twist." Dickens Studies Annual 36 (2005): 1-32.


Conference Papers

"Cultural Intersections: The Meeting of Victorian, Modern, and Postmodern Worlds in Ouida's Fiction." Ouida Centenary Conference, Kingston University, London, England, September 2008.

"YouTube, YouRead, YouWrite: Video Podcasting, YouTube, and Digital Media Intertextuality in the Literature Classroom." 65th Annual South Central Modern Language Association Meeting, San Antonion, Texas, November 2008.

"Ouida’s Female Gothic: Pestilence, Death, and Desire in In Maremma."  Thirteenth Annual 18th and 19th Century British Women Writers Conference, Lafayette, Louisiana, March 2005.

"Incorporating Interactive Multimedia Technologies in Online Instruction."  Selected by Provost to represent Ole Miss Online at Creating Futures Through Technology Conference, Biloxi, Mississippi, March 2003.

"Text and 'Culture-Text':  Film Adaptations in the Literature Classroom."  College English Association Thirty-First Annual Conference, Charleston, South Carolina, April 2000.


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