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Dr. Robert W. Barnard, Jr. [Email Me]
Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy and Religion Bryant 018
University of Mississippi University, MS 38677-1848
Main Office: 662 915 7020
Fax: 662 915 5654

  • Ph.D. Philosophy 2000 University of Memphis
  • M.A. Philosophy 1994 The American University
  • B.A. Philosophy 1991 The American University

In Fall 2012 I will teach PHIL 101 and PHIL 323/611 (Metaphysics).

In addition to introductory philosophy (PHIL 101) and logic (PHIL/LING 103) classes and the senior capstone seminar (PHIL 497) for majors, I usually teach a topical course in metaphysics (PHIL 323) or epistemology (Phil 322) in the Fall and our Philosophical Analysis course in the Spring (Phil 324). I have recently offered upper-level seminars on the psychologism/anti-psychologism debate, truth, contemporary metaphysics, and the philosophy of Quine. My current research program has three core areas: (1) Further developing the view that truth is mediated correspondence outlined in Barnard and Horgan (2006, forthcoming), (2) Clarifying the ordinary concept of truth using both intuition and experimental approaches (a joint project with Joseph Ulatowski) and (3) Examining issues of ontology in philosophical logic. I am currently working on a new paper on truth, several papers on the folk concept of truth, a paper on the "expertise defense," and a monograph entitled Beyond Naturalism: Logic and Ultimate Ontology.

Recent and Forthcoming publications include (Some available here):

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