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University: University of Mississippi
Dr. Mustafa Matalgah
Department: Electrical Engineering Department 

Research Projects:

Modeling and Simulation of WiMAX


Project Summary: OPNET is used to evaluate end-to-end Performance of networks deploying WiMAX. The objectives of the project includes: 1) Implementing integrated physical and MAC layers protocols through simulation modeling, 2) Implementing enhanced cross layer algorithms for further simulations, 3) Run simulations for studies regarding Scheduling Algorithms and QoS Support on WiMAX, and 4) Simulations regarding the performance of WiMAX when coexisting with other wireless communication standards, specifically UMTS.

Assessment of the Fourth Generation Mobile Wireless Standards for E-Health Applications

Project Summary: OPNET is used to investigate the capability of WiMAX standard to handle telemedicine (e-health) models. We consider a model that consists of connections between ambulances, patients, hospital, and physicians. The model should be able to satisfy the minimum quality of service requirements defined by medical specifications. We also use OPNET to compare the performance of WiMAX technology with other 4G wireless technology standards such as LTE in terms of meeting medical specification requirements. Specifically, we study the overall capacity, data rate, delay, and the signal to noise ratio (SNR) of each technology. As on going research we are exploring enhancements on the WiMAX standard to meet the medical requirements more efficiently. OPNET will play an important role in performing the simulation models to verify these enhancements.


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