Reviews, 1979-2006

Here are published reviews of books, dissertations and recordings of Sacred Harp singing and related traditions. I have placed them online for informational purposes. Copyright is retained by the journals in which the reviews were originally published.

  • The Missouri Harmony (Wings of Song edition)
    The Hymn (2006)
  • The Chattahoochee Musical Convention, 1852-2002
    Music Library Association Notes (2003).
  • Sacred Harp Singing, reissue of 1942 recording
    La-Miss-Ala Shape-Note Newsletter (1998).
  • The Colored Sacred Harp (CD)
    American Music (1996).
  • "Big Singing Day in Benton, Kentucky" by Deborah Loftis
    Southern Baptist Church Music Journal (1990).
  • "Curriculum of the Sacred Harp" by Mai Kelton
    CRME Bulletin (1990).
  • The Southern Harmony, ed. by Glenn Wilcox
    Ethnomusicology (1989).
  • The Sacred Harp by Buell Cobb
    American Historical Review (1979) (with Richard Crawford).
  • Warren Steel (

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