Mississippi Sacred Harp Singings

Selected Minutes, 1999

  • New Years Day Singing (Cooper Revision)
  • Mississippi College
  • Oxford City Hall
  • Bethel
  • Concord
  • Chickasaw County Convention
  • Calhoun County Convention
  • Mississippi State Convention
  • Cherry Tree
  • Taylor
  • Mt. Olive (Cooper Book)
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    New Years Day Singing

    Collins, Mississippi

    January 2, 1999

    The Cooper Revision singing singing met at Pine Ridge Dunkard Brethren Church, and was called to order by John Bayer leading song on page 49t. John Bayer offered the morning prayer. The class was organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman - Andrew Albers; Vice Chairman - Bill Hogan; Secretary - Nancy Van Den Akker; Chaplain - John Bayer. Leaders: Bill Hogan 45b; Nancy Van Den Akker 44; John Bayer 89; Elizabeth Muhleisen 38t; G.C. Waldrep 497; Jean Gray 82; Wanda Gregg 40; Don Clark 171; Tim Cook 451; Durward Scarborough 500; Junie McNeil 571; Regina Glass 513t; Bill Green 381t; Johnny Lee 75; Tim Gray 559; John Etheridge 434; David Lee 138t.


    The class resumed singing with Bill Hogan leading song on page 30b. Leaders: Mark Davis 54t; Loraine Bayer 488t; Genny Whitworth 92; Regina Bayer and Stephanie Turnbull 168; Tim Cook and Mako Cook 488b; Charles Franklin 47b; Andrew Albers 139 (by request); Mark Davis 270 (by request); G.C. Waldrep 207 (by request); Elizabeth Muhleisen 572; Jean Gray 511b; Don Clark 436b; Wanda Gregg 155; Andrew Albers 369. John Bayer led the blessing for the noon meal.

    Dismissed for lunch.

    The class was called to order by Andrew Albers leading songs on pages 76b and 267b. Leaders: Bill Hogan 184b; Nancy Van Den Akker 505; John Bayer 278b; Bill Green 426t; Johnny Lee 563; Tim Cook 506; Durward Scarborough 240; John Etheridge 524; Loraine Bayer 106; David Lee 274t; Genny Whitworth 132; Regina Bayer, Stephanie Turnbull, and Mary Turner 118; Mark Davis 522; Mako Cook and Tim Cook 299; Charles Franklin 99; G.C. Waldrep 192.


    The class was brought to order by Andrew Albers leading song on page 95. Leaders: Regina Glass 365; Junie McNeil 447t; Tim Gray 384; John Etheridge 224; David Lee 65; John Bayer 49b; Regina Bayer 84; G.C. Waldrep 122; Don Clark 526; Durward Scarborough 339; Charles Franklin 319; Wanda Gregg 470; Nancy Van Den Akker 414; Bill Hogan 288; Andrew Albers 393t. Andrew Albers led song on page 496t as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by John Bayer.

    Chairman - Andrew Albers
    Vice Chairman - Bill Hogan
    Secretary - Nancy Van Den Akker

    Mississippi College

    Clinton, Mississippi

    February 13, 1999

    The annual Mississippi College Singing was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in February, and was called to order by Mark Davis leading songs on pages 68, 48t, and 37b. Lewis Oswalt led the opening prayer. Leaders: John Van Horn 73, 72b, 270; Jean Gray 82t, 143, 108t; Durward Scarborough 339, 45t; Esther Mann 480, 297, 358.


    The singing resumed with the following leaders: Dennis Cranford 145t, 155, 229; Regina Glass 81t, 117, 65; Junie McNeil 32t, 147t, 63; Andy Davis 79, 53, 127; Wilma Mitchell 84, 569b; Lewis Oswalt 59.

    Dismissed for lunch.

    The afternoon session began with Mark Davis leading songs on pages 87 and 176t. Leaders: John Van Horn 176b, 204, 236; Jean Gray 418, 282, 215; Durward Scarborough 323b, 445t; Esther Mann 40, 39t, 235; Dennis Cranford 49b, 209, 178; Regina Glass 268, 457; Junie McNeil 146, 348b; Andy Davis 434, 142, 135, 430; Lewis Oswalt 58; Wilma Mitchell 435b; Don Crowley 162; Lewis Oswalt 85, 314. Announcements were made. Mark Davis led song on page 67 as the closing song, and dismissed the class with prayer.

    Chairman - Mark Davis
    Secretary - Lewis Oswalt

    Oxford City Hall

    Oxford, Mississippi

    March 14, 1999

    The nineteenth annual Sacred Harp singing at Oxford City Hall was called to order by Warren Steel leading songs on page 138b and 48t. John Van Horn led the morning prayer. Mark Tew led songs on page 339 and 406, and the class organized by electing the following officers: Chairman, Warren Steel; Vice Chairman, Mark Tew; Secretary, Anne Steel; Arranging Committee, Regina Glass and Mae Conwill. Leaders: John Van Horn, 318, 77t; Linda Thomas, 31b; John Simmons, 178, 89; Josie Hyde, 189, 183; Brenda Merritt, 203, 430; Bud Oliver, 42, 332; Tim Cook, 344, 38b; Faye Donaldson, 299, 270.


    Bob Cook called the class together leading songs on page 457 and 46. Others who led: Lena Keeton, 335t, 546; Sarah Tidwell, 84, 85; John Merritt, 128, 29b; Willadean Brunette, 341, 373; Elmer Conwill, 411, 460; Jane Fulmer, 454; Andy Davis, 217, 269; Lee Wise, 47b; Warren Steel, 282.


    The afternoon session began with Mark Tew leading song on page 335. Other leaders: Regina Glass and Mary Counce, 172, 542; Carolyn Craig, 567, 267; John Hyde, 61, 30t; Anne Steel, 348b, 384; Gene Wakefield, 168, 284; Milton Oliver, 314, 222; Julietta Haynes, 200, 216; Ivalene Donaldson, 145b; Mae Conwill, 137, 73t. A memorial lesson was held: Josie Hyde led 389 in memory of Keterina Sanders; Andy Davis, 37b for Loren Steele; Warren Steel, 129 for Cleo Hawkins; end of memorial lesson. Other leaders: Julie Poston, 40, 43; William Fitzgerald, 448t, 448b; Carol Rushing, 68b, 45t; Dorothea McCowan, 120, 442; Dustin McCowan, 354b; Bill Brunette, 53; Bud Oliver, Milton Oliver, and Linda Thomas, 47t; Carolyn Craig, 38t; John Van Horn, 236. Following announcements, the officers led the closing song on page 285t, and John Simmons dismissed the class with prayer.

    Chairman - Warren Steel, mudws@olemiss.edu
    Vice-Chairman - Mark Tew, eemdt@olemiss.edu
    Secretary - Anne Steel, oxsteel@go.olemiss.edu


    Bruce, Mississippi

    April 4, 1999

    The annual Sacred Harp singing at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church was called to order on Easter Sunday by John Van Horn leading song on page 32t and 270. T.J. Funderburk led the morning prayer, and then led songs on page 63, 61, and 79. John Van Horn then led song on page 410t, and called the following leaders: Mark Tew, 30t, 99, 378t; Linda Funderburk, 146, 163t, 123b; Virginia Carter, 49b, 131b, 147b; Warren Steel, 385t, 31t, 411; Regina Glass, 44, 67, 349; Anne Steel, 318, 48b, 285t; Henry McGuire, 442, 212, 112; Ruby Easley, 489, 145t, 145b; Mark Davis, 123t, 310, 171; John Van Horn, 385b.

    Dismissed for lunch.

    John Van Horn called the afternoon session together leading songs on page 129 and 155. Other leaders were: Jimmie Ruth Melvin, 460, 143; Bob Cook, 339, J.L. White edition (W)519; 457; Andy Davis, 269, 434, 127; Bob Lence, 178, 163b, 183; Robert Earl Alexander, 35, 82t, 73t; W.M. Allen, 108t, 490; George Easley, 299, 523; Fatima Thacker, 119, 34b; Charles Porter, 136, 137, 379; John Van Horn, 236; T.J. Funderburk, 45t, 569b; Virginia Carter, 48t, 384; Mark Tew,344, 335; Linda Funderburk, 373, 37b; Anne Steel, 306, 268; Regina Glass, 220, 300; Warren Steel, 288, 66; Henry McGuire, 200, 430; Mark Davis, 273, 209; Fred Hawkins and Jimmie Ruth Melvin, 53 (in memory of Cleo and S.T. Hawkins); John Van Horn, Christian Harmony (CH)137 (Antioch). Following announcements, Henry McGuire led the closing song on page 528, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Elder Charles Porter..


    Calhoun County, Mississippi

    May 16, 1999

    The annual Sacred Harp singing at Concord Baptist Church was called to order after dinner by John Van Horn leading song on page 129 and 68b. He then called the following leaders: Robert Earl Alexander, 159, 64, 124; Anne Steel, 59, 278b, 61; George Easley, 34b, 523; J.L. White edition (W) 527; Warren Steel, 39t, 36b, 112; Lorene Borgognoni, W 519, W 494; Mark Tew, 339, 145t, 117; John Van Horn, 236; Debbie Dunn, 145b, 268, 313t; Caroline Herring, 312b, 338, 288; Ruby Easley, W 478, W 491, 569b; Andy Davis, 127, 101t, 63, 254; Robert Earl Alexander, 35; Mark Tew, 460, 335; Warren Steel, 40, 29t, 29b. Following announcements, John Van Horn led the closing song on page W511 (Willie). and the class was dismissed with prayer by R.E. Alexander.

    Chickasaw County Singing Convention

    Enon Primitive Baptist Church

    July 25, 1999

    The Chickasaw County Sacred Harp Singing Convention convened at Enon Primitive Baptist Church, Chickasaw County, Mississippi on July 25, 1999 at 10:00 a.m. for its annual session for one day of worship in song service to our Lord and Savior, when and where the following proceedings were held. To wit: T.J. Funderburk opened with 30t. W.M. Allen offered the morning prayer. T.J. Funderburk welcomed the visitors and everyone else, then led songs on pages 33b and 72b; W.M. Allen 108t, 75, 569b. The committees were then selected: Arranging Committee - Linda Funderburk and Esther Mann; Memorial Committee - George Easley and W.M. Allen; Hospitality Committee - Beth Porter and Mabelene Easley. Leaders: John Van Horn 111t, 73t, 64, 40; Robert Handel 34b, 49b, 348b; Regina Glass 48t, 122, 123t, 137; Fred Wilson 45t, 145b; George Easley 313b, 523b, 143; Adrian Doss 282, 439, 66; Esther Mann 426t, 32t, 171; Linda Funderburk 146. Prayer and blessing by T.J. Funderburk.

    Dismissed for lunch.

    The class was called to order by T.J. Funderburk leading songs on pages 61, 63, and 147t. Leaders: Katie Wilson 119, 335; Charles Porter 334, 155, 136, 460; Virginia Carter 147b, 46, 139; Linda Funderburk 39, 47t; W.M. Allen and family 490, 284 (CH), 82 (CH); Fred Wilson and family 45; John Lee Van Horn 236; W.M. Allen 274 (CH). The election of officers for next year, 2000, was held. Those elected were: President - T.J. Funderburk; Vice President - W.M. Allen; Secretary - Mabelene Easley; Chaplain - Adrian Doss. The following delegates were elected for the State Singing Convention: Charles Porter, George Easley, and W.M. Allen. Delegates to the Calhoun Musical Convention: Charles Porter, George Easley, and W.M. Allen. Delegates to the Cooper Book Singing Convention in Scott County: Charles Porter, George Easley, and W.M. Allen. The Chickasaw County Singing Convention will meet at Enon Primitive Church on the fourth Sunday in July, 2000.


    The class was called back by T.J. Funderburk leading song on page 33t. Leaders: Robert Handel 299, 384, 268, 290; Regina Glass 74b, 163t; Fred Wilson 100; John Van Horn 478 (CH); George Easley 82 (CH); Adrian Doss 208; Esther Mann and Regina Glass 270; Linda Funderburk 36b; T.J. Funderburk 512. The convention was dismissed with prayer by Charles Porter.

    Calhoun County Musical Association

    Mt. Herman Primitive Baptist Church

    August 7, 1999

    [ minutes not yet available ]

    Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention

    Antioch Primitive Baptist Church

    August 21-22, 1999

    Saturday, August 21

    The Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention convened at Antioch Church in its seventy-first annual session for two days of worship in song service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, when and where the following proceedings were had, to-wit. The Convention was called to order by President Mark Davis leading song on page 37b. After welcoming everyone, W.M. Allen led the morning prayer. The president appointed the following committees: Arrangement Committee: Nancy Van den Akker. Business and Credentials Committee: Tim Gray, Arlon Gardiner, and Hugh McGuire; Memorial Committee, Wilma Mitchell and Wanda Gregg. Leaders: Mark Davis, 126; John Van Horn, 448t, 384; Jean Gray, 82t, 75; Jim Fields, 58, 127; Mike McNeil, 131b, Christian Harmony (CH)204; Ben Burroughs, 178, 299; Darlene Reynolds, 354, 145b; Dan Coit, 162, CH87, Elizabeth Muhleisen, 503b, 475; Jeanie Fields, 452b, 45t.


    Singing was resumed after a ten minute recess with President Mark Davis leading song on page 317b. Leaders: Joe Cobb, 28b, 38b; George Easley, 34b, 438; Wanda Gregg, 40, 63; John Canode, Cooper Revision (C)507b, C229; Robert Handel, 28t, 489b; Will Austin, 571, 54t.


    President Mark Davis opened the afternoon session leading song on page 123t. Leaders: Billy Hollingsworth, 186, 236; Junie McNeil, 319; Wilma Mitchell, 569b; W.M. Allen, 108t, 490; Andrew Albers, 195, CH85b; Hugh McGuire, C455t, C53; Ester Mann, 171, 180; John Merritt, Kurt Davis, and Cayla McGuire, 392, 240 (for Durward Scarborough). The Business Meeting was held at 2:00 p.m. to elect officers. A motion was made and carried to elect the following officers: President: Mark Davis; Vice President: John Van Horn; Secretary; Jean Gray; Chaplain: Arlon Gardiner. End of business session. More leaders: Henry McGuire, 442, 183; Charles Franklin, 99; Brenda Merritt, 111b; Arlon Gardiner, 166b, 39t.


    The convention resumed with President Mark Davis leading song on page 163b. Leaders: Bobby Caldwell, CH46t, CH63t; Nancy Van den Akker, 142, CH81t; Regina Glass, 410, 269; Virginia Carter, 49b; Hugh McGuire, 289; Kari Lundgren, 344; Tim and Haley Gray, 434, 220, 192; Rob Jahncke, 46. Following announcements, President Mark Davis led "The Drone" as the closing song. And the session was dismissed with prayer.

    Sunday, August 22

    The Sunday morning session was called to order at 10:00 a.m. with a welcome extended to all by President Mark Davis, who led song on page 101t. The opening prayer was led by Arlon Gardiner. President Mark Davis led songs on page 87 and 155. Vice President John Van Horn directed songs on pages 77t and 168. Secretary Jean Gray led songs on pages 288 and. Chaplain Arlon Gardiner led songs on pages 388 and C522. Leaders: Mark Davis, CH117; Tim Cook, 511, 480; Mako Cook, 301, CH184; Ben Hogan, 50, CH49; Andy Davis, 192, 217.


    President Mark Davis appointed the following: Resolutions Committee - Andrew Albers and Junie McNeil. Leaders: John Van Horn, 72b; Darlene Reynolds, 145t, 64; Kurt Davis, 354b, 274t; Elizabeth Muhleisen, 515b, 159; L.B. Smith, 58; Hannah Albers, CH239b; Wanda Gregg, 408, 146; John Kanode, C563, C571.


    President Mark Davis brought the class together leading song on page C488b. Leaders: Regina Glass, 86, 215; Will Austin, C508, C542; Robert Handel, C536, C140; Junie McNeil, 176t, 176b; Andrew Albers, C378b, C95, 393; Hugh McGuire, C442b, C515; Tim Gray, 61, 172; Henry McGuire, 405, 430. The Memorial Session was held at this time for those God had called to their Heavenly Home since our last convention. They were: Louise Hogan, Trudie Myers, Johnny Porter, Bessie Rigdon Todd, Chester Hollingsworth, Inez McGuire, and Louise Probst. Wanda Gregg led songs on page 185 and 235 for these deceased. End of memorial lesson. After reports from each committee, President Mark Davis expressed his thanks to the people of Macedonia Church and others for bringing food and helping with the convention. Motion and second to approve the reports of the committees. Mark Davis, CH117.


    Charles Franklin called the class together leading song on page CH85b and CH 68b. Leaders: Mark Davis, 454; Nancy Van den Akker, CH303, CH333; several requests: Mark Davis, 358; Andy Davis, 254; Mark Davis, 348b; Arlon Gardner, 341, 45t. A motion was made to dismiss. After announcements were given, President Mark Davis led "The Drone" for the closing song. The convention was closed with prayer by Chaplain Arlon Gardner.

    Chairman - Mark Davis, Horn4@aol.com
    Vice-Chairman - John Van Horn
    Secretary - Jean Gray
    Chaplain - Arlon Gardiner

    Cherry Tree Singing

    Itawamba County, Mississippi

    August 22, 1999

    The annual Sacred Harp Singing at James Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Itawamba County, Mississippi on the fourth Sunday in August was called to order by Elmer Conwill leading song on page 39b. The morning prayer was led by Linton Ballinger. The class was organized by electing or appointing the following officers: Chairman - Elmer Conwill; Vice Chairman - Travis Keeton; Secretary - Mae Conwill; Arranging Committee - John Hyde. Elmer Conwill led song on pag 129. Leaders: Gene Wakefield, 101t, 100; Julietta Haynes, 46, 298, 172; Wilton Donaldson, 47t, 48t, 317; Pernie Pelfrey, 371, 31b; Ivalene Donaldson, 426t; Faye Donaldson, 299, 430; David Ballinger, 300, 340; Linton Ballinger, 335, 334; Josie Hyde, 280, 477.


    John Hyde called the class to order leading songs on pages 61 and 75. Leaders: Jane Fulmer, 186, 187; Mae Conwill, 314, 171, 74b; Lucy Heidorn, 30t, 123t; Wayne Baines, 354b, 341; Clarence McCool, 49b, 77t; Larry Ballinger, 83t, 89; Edwin Ballinger, 90, 124; Gravis Ballinger, 144, 138t; Lavaughn Ballinger, 136, 45t; Earl Ballinger, 40, 331.


    The afternoon session began with Travis Keeton leading songs on pages 566, 482 and 235. Leaders: Marie Aldridge, 155; Johnny Humber, 146, 389; Julie Poston, 421, 274t; Emma Barton, 460, 218; Ercelle Jackson, 322; Ivalene Donaldson, 56; Estes Jackson, 275, 420b; Gene Wakefield, 284; David and Lavaughn Ballinger, 141, Linton Ballinger, 142; Ila Ingle, 434, 436; Ila's granddaughter, 108t, 30t; Elmer Conwill, 217, 44, 179. Following announcements, Elmer Conwill led the closing song on page 137, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Earl Ballinger.

    Chairman - Elmer Conwill
    Vice-Chairman - Travis Keeton
    Secretary - Mae Conwill


    Lafayette County, Mississippi

    October 10, 1999

    The eleventh annual Sacred Harp singing at Taylor United Methodist Church (formerly held at Pilgrim's Rest Primitive Baptist Church) was called to order by Warren Steel leading song on page 48t and 138b. George Easley led the morning prayer. Warren Steel led song on page 74b and 75, and called the following leaders: Bob Cook, 133, 147t, 146, J.L. White edition (W)527 (Lady, touch thy harp again); George Easley, 523, 64, 418, 313t, 61; Regina Glass, 57, 312b, 457, 40; John Van Horn, 290.

    Dismissed for lunch.

    Warren Steel called the class together leading song on page 36b, 297. Other leaders: John Van Horn, 145t, 312t, 137; William Fitzgerald, 448t, 448b, 335; Andy Davis, 79, 120, 217; Anne Steel, 318, 209, 348b; Sarah Tidwell, 72b, 81t, 42; Steven Brown, 45t, 63, 479; Hope Tidwell, 59, 388; Andy Davis, 236; Catherine Mitchell and Nan Johnson, 117, 119; Bob Cook, W519 (Land of Beulah), 53; George Easley, 299; Regina Glass, 334, 111t; John Van Horn, 111b, 159; Andy Davis, 106, 268; Anne Steel, 288, 480; Bob Cook, 361. Following announcements Warren Steel led the closing song on page 285t, and the class was dismissed with prayer by John Van Horn.

    Mount Olive

    Morton, Mississippi

    October 23, 1999

    The annual Mississippi Cooper Book Convention singing was held at Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist church on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in October. The class was called to order by Chairman John Merritt leading song on page 36b. The morning prayer was led by Jim Fields. The class held a business meeting with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman - John Merritt; Vice Chairman - Andrew Albers; Secretary - Jean Gray; Arranging Committee - Nancy Van den Akker. Leaders: Andrew Albers 166b; Regina Glass, 536; Jean Gray, 154b, 108t; Jim Fields, 58, 75; Don Clark, 171, 186; John Etheridge, 545, 300; Brenda Merritt, 142; Nancy Van den Akker, 440b, 319; Tommy George, 348t; Bill Hogan, 184b; Kari Lundgren, 268t, 40.


    The class was called to order by Jarrod George and John Merritt leading song on page 76b. Leaders: Dennis and Jarrod George, 137, 392; Ginnie Fields, 45t, 63; Charles Franklin, 176t, 146; John Van Horn, 140, 263; Kate Merritt, 168, 543b; Tim Gray, 559, 192; A.E. Probst, 575, 239; Warren Steel, 489, "Pilgim" by Lazarus Jones; John Kanode, 507b, 571.

    Dismissed for lunch.

    The class was called back to order by Jarrod George leading songs on pages 358 and 145b. Leaders: Arlon Gardiner, 422b, 522; Theresa Hood, 199, 572 (in memory of her mother); Dan Coit, 128; John Merritt, "Delusion"; Mark Davis, 54, 497; John Van Horn 378t, 45b; Walter Blair, 174 (Old School Hymnal); Jim Fields, 372 (Old School Hymnal), Bill Hogan, 499; Haley and Tim Gray, 388; Warren Steel, 395b, 422t; John Merritt, 263 (Old School Hymnal); A.W. Probst, 270. Following announcements, Andrew Albers led the closing song on page 500, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Arlon Gardiner.

    Chairman - John Merritt
    Vice Chairman - Andrew Albers
    Secretary - Jean Gray

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