Mississippi Sacred Harp Singings

Selected Minutes, 2010

  • Oxford (University of Mississippi)
  • Bethel
  • Concord
  • Vicksburg
  • Sherman
  • Calhoun County Convention
  • Mississippi State Convention
  • Taylor
  • Off Square Books
  • Calhoun County Nursing Home
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    Choral Room, Music Building, University of Mississippi

    Oxford, Mississippi
    March 14, 2010

    The thirtieth annual Oxford Sacred Harp singing took place in the choral room of the music building at the University of Mississippi. Warren Steel called the class to order by leading song on page 48t. He then welcomed everyone and led 171. Gaston White led the morning prayer. Mark Davis led song on page 273, and the class organized by electing the following officers: Chairman, Warren Steel; Vice Chairman, Mark Davis; Secretary, Judy Caudle; Arranging Committee, Carolyn Thompson and Xaris Martinez; Hospitality, Linda Boulton and Brenda Merritt. Leaders: Judy Caudle (AL) 540; Xaris Martinez 546; Bea Carnathan (AL) 472; Marlin Beasley (AL) 129; Gaston White, with Denise and Joy Richardson (AL) 66; Hugh Bill McGuire 528; Cassie Allen (TX) 377; Ed Walton (OH) 277; John Wall 135; Diane Menella (NY) 564; Velton Chafin (AL) 130; Lela Crowder (GA) 288; Brenda Merritt 39t; Cindy Tanner (AL) 269; Bill Beverly (MI) 547; Chuck Howell 112; Henry Schuman (MI) 532; Danny Creel (AL) 196; Sarah Smith (AL) 146; Kevin Dyess 155.


    Carolyn Thompson called the class together leading song on page 448t. Leaders: Seth Poston (AL) 275b; Natalie Davis 79; Kurt Davis 101t; Ainslie Allen (TX) and Emma Calvert (AL) 319; Rob Barber, Ben Barber, Carol Barber, Bob Barber and Tom Harrison 282; Sarah Tidwell 72b; Gary Smith (AL) 99; Angela Myers (AL) 276; Jan Murray 275t; Tim Taylor (AL) 503; Julianna Jett (AL) 410t; Jeff Corbett (AR) 28t; Wanda Capps (AL) 216; John Van Horn 378b; Mary Amelia Taylor 370; Chris Ballinger (AL) 270; Lisa Davis 200; Sr. Susan Karina Dickey 178; Elene Stovall (AL) 392; Bunk Beasley (AL) 81t.

    Dismissed for lunch.

    The afternoon session began with Warren Steel leading song on page 295. Other leaders: Martha Beverly (MI) 504; Robert Kelly (SC) 348t; Ken Tate (AL) 208 (for Jackie Tanner); Jamie Corbett (AR) 354b; Larry Ballinger (AL) 389; Harrison Creel (AL) 342; Arlon and Peth Gardner 67; Josie Hyde (AL) 442; Travis Keeton (AL) 482; Gravis Ballinger (AL) 120. The memorial lesson was conducted by Warren Steel and Josie Hyde. Warren Steel spoke and led 376 for the following deceased: L.H. Gilmore, Corene White, Uel Freeman, Thurman Nall, and Charlotte McCarn (Alabama) and Ray Tate (Arkansas). Josie Hyde spoke and led 43 in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Ceyenna Davidson, Julie Vea, Dick Brand, Earnie Jett, and Bill Tanner. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Chuck Howell. Leaders: Henry Guthery (AL) 549; Carol Keith (TN) 73b; Juanita Beasley (AL) 61; Seth Holloway (TN) 170; Yancey Jett (AL) 64; Kimmy Bradford 47b; Olga Martinez (CA) 475; Carolyn Thompson 550; Martha Beverly 215; Robert Kelley 353; Bea Carnathan 205; Bill Beverly 297; Lela Crowder 332; Jeff Corbett 565; Ken Tate 236 (by request); Cliff Hall 268. Warren Steel, Mark Davis, and Judy Caudle led 235 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Mark Davis.

    Chairman - Warren Steel, mudws@olemiss.edu
    Vice-Chairman - Mark Davis
    Secretary - Judy Caudle


    Bruce, Mississippi

    April 4, 2010

    The sixty-first annual Sacred Harp singing at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church was called to order by Hugh Bill McGuire leading song on page 565. Robert Earl Alexander led the morning prayer. Hugh Bill McGuire then led songs on page 31b and 36b. Leaders: John Van Horn 273, 383, 424; Robert Earl Alexander and Justin Gates 425, 235, 59; Ross Brand 421, 428, 430; Mark Davis 56b, 391, 137; Anne Steel 209, 208, 39t; Henry McGuire 31t, 234, 507; Warren Steel 315, 229, 352.


    Hugh Bill McGuire called the class together leading song on page 410t. Other leaders: Chuck Howell, 420, 232, 498; Zola Pickett 186, 269, 268; Natalie Davis 79, 87, 101t; Virginia Carter and Warren Steel 65, 131b.

    Dismissed for Lunch.

    After lunch, Hugh Bill McGuire called the afternoon session together leading song on page 200. Other leaders: John Van Horn 196, 203; Andy Davis 460, 254, 400; Linda Funderburk 288, 358, 373; T.J. Funderburk 569b, 63, 47b; Kevin Dyess 542, 480, 159; Mary Amelia Taylor 48t, 99, 76b; George Easley 34b, 523, J.L. White edition (W)60 (Nearer Home); Hugh Bill McGuire and John Van Horn 236.


    Hugh Bill McGuire brought the class together leading W264b (Noah's Dove). Leaders: Zola Pickett 114, 289; Natalie Davis 45t, 354b; Robert Earl Alexander 270; Anne Steel 271t, 179; Mark Davis 78, 220; Chuck Howell 30t; Ross Brand 217, 198; Warren Steel 442, 146 (for Fred Hawkins); Andy Davis 182, 183; Linda Funderburk 123b; Mary Amelia Taylor 426t; Kevin Dyess 142. Following announcements, the class was dismissed with prayer by T.J. Funderburk.

    Chairman - Hugh Bill McGuire
    Secretary - Warren Steel

    Poplar Springs

    Calhoun County, Mississippi

    May 2, 2010

    The annual Sacred Harp singing at Poplar Springs Baptist Church was called to order after lunch by John Van Horn leading song on page 40 and 63. Singing was for the most part without leaders, with songs requested by the following: John Van Horn, Alice McGuire, Hugh Bill McGuire, Kevin Dyess, Warren Steel, George Easley, Ron Cockrell and Robert Earl Alexander. Songs included: 122, 164. 126, 127, 129, 111t, 111b, 131b, 145b, 147t, 144, 274t, 275b, 30b, 30t, 75, 74b, 312b, 313t, W494, W519, 288, 236, 56b, 61, 58, 358, and 410t. After announcements, the class sang the closing song on W526 and Robert Earl Alexander dismissed the class with prayer.


    Calhoun County, Mississippi

    May 16, 2010

    The one hundred thirty-sixth annual Sacred Harp singing at Concord Baptist Church was called to order after dinner by John Van Horn leading song on page 348b and 155. He then called the following leaders: Anne Steel 108b, 200; Curtis Gregory 119, 72b; Wanda Gregg 460, 68b; Natalie Davis 79, 354b; Kevin Dyess 503, 480; Hugh Bill McGuire 472, 274t; Mark Davis 209, 273; Mary Amelia Taylor 189, 178; Debbie Dunn 313t, 268, 196; Robert Earl Alexander, Wanda Gregg and Linda Jenkins, J.L. White edition (W)519 (Land of Beulah), W517 (Not Made with Hands); Warren Steel 163t, 440, 282; John Van Horn 358 by request, 236; T.J. Funderburk 569b, 47b; Anne Steel 85, 479; Wanda Gregg 186, 40; Natalie Davis 345t, 345b; members of David Wharton's folklore archiving class, 63, 45t; Mark David 300, 430. Following announcements, John Van Horn led closing songs on page 321, and Robert Earl Alexander dismissed the class with prayer

    Holt Collier Mississippi Bear Hunt Singing

    Vicksburg, Mississippi

    May 29-30, 2010

    Saturday, May 29

    The fourth annual Holt Collier/Mississippi Bear Hunt Singing Convention was called to order in the Old Courthouse Museum, Vicksburg, by John Merritt leading 36b (CB). John Van Horn offered the morning prayer. John Merritt explained that the class could sing from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Cooper Edition, or the Alabama Christian Harmony. Leaders: Henry Guthery 138t (CB), 450 (CB); Wendell Rinehart 445 (CB), 457; Juanita Beasley 61, 39b; John Van Horn 38t (CB), 45b (CB); SR Susan Karina Dickey 128, 178; Natalie Davis 572 (CB), 348t (CB). The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman: John Merritt; Vice Chairman: Henry Guthery; Secretary: Henry Schuman.


    John Merritt brought the class to order by leading 81t (CH). Leaders: John Merritt Perfect Love, Travlers Rest; Leslie Booher 448t, 155; Bill Beverly 264 (CH), 51 (CH), 74 (CH); Carole Watts 392 (CB), 563 (CB); Hugh Bill McGuire 573 (CB); Hugh Bill McGuire and Henry McGuire 559 (CB); Emily Creel 186 (CH), 172 (CH).


    Henry Guthery brought the class to order by leading 316 (CH). Leaders: Henry Guthery and Kurt Braun 68b (CB); Darlene Reynolds 484b (CB); Darlene Reynolds and John Merritt 490; Charity Vaughn 137 (CB), 133 (CB); Dennis Cranford 277, 30b; Alice Sundberg 449 (CB); Alice Sundberg and John Merritt 369 (CB).


    John Merritt and Emily Creel brought the class to order leading 43 (CH). Leaders: Arlon Gardner 67, 372 (CH); Bea Carnathan and Steve Sanoski 295, 472; Ken Sundberg 255 (CH), 569b; Martha Beverly 140 (CB), 522 (CB); Henry Schuman 149 (CH), 42 (CH); Warren Steel 203 (CH), 195 (CH); Danny Creel 338b (CH), 82b (CH); Sandra Melsheimer and John Merritt 96 (CB); Linda Hellerich and John Merritt 95 (CB); Henry McGuire 64 (CH), 313 (CH); Mark Davis 155 (CH), 281 (CH); Marlin Beasley 39t, 496. Following announcements. John Merritt led 23b (CB) as the closing song, and Danny Creel dismissed the class with prayer.

    Sunday, May 30

    The Sunday session of the Holt Collier/Mississippi Bear Hunt Convention was called to order by John Merritt leading 59. Marlin Beasley offered the morning prayer. Leaders: Henry Guthery 336t (CH), 133 (CH); Nanette Olivier 571 (CB), 117 (CH); Charlene Heaton and John Merritt 47b (CB), 116 (CB); Bill Beverly 208b (CH), 511t (CB); Charity Vaughn 440, 521 (CB); Arlon Gardner and Lynn Dennis 163t, 448t; Wilma Mitchell 569b, 61.


    John Merritt brought the class back together by leading 176t. Leaders: Henry Guthery Higher Ground; Leslie Booher 81t, 63; Ken Sundberg 297 (CB), 533 (CB); Darlene Reynolds and Mark Davis 189 (CH), 248 (CH); Max Berueffy and Karin Covi 505 (CB), 182, 222; Carole Watts and Mark Davis 478 (CB), 344; Marlin Beasley 192, 172; Natalie Davis 79, 345t; Martha Beverly 39 (CB), 210 (CB); Robert DuPree 63t (CH), 293 (CH). Emily Creel and Henry Guthery conducted the memorial lesson. Henry Guthery spoke of the sick and shut-ins and led 40t (CH) in honor of the following: Nellie Davis, Vickie Keith, Katy Knaps, Linda Pair, Vernon Smith, Allison Smith, R.C. Stricklin, Debbie Switzer, Carolyn Thompson, Julie Vea, and Ruth Wyers. Emily Creel spoke and led 352 in memory of the following deceased: Uel Freeman, Charlotte Creel McCarn, Willie Mae Moon, Thurman Shorty Nall, Ray Tate, and Corene White (Alabama); Jimmie Denney (Georgia); Bill Ellason (Missouri); Cindy Kissee (Minnesota); Hobbs Freeman and Marsha Hedrick (Mississippi). Leaders: Max Berueffy and John Merritt 392 (CB).


    John Merritt called the afternoon session to order leading 105. Leaders: Wendell Rinehart 68b, 445; Alice Sundberg 179 (CH), 199 (CB); John Merritt 81t (CH); John Van Horn 142 (CH), 204 (CH); Bea Carnathan 205, 184 (CH); Mark Davis 258 (CH), 76b (CH); Henry Schuman 318, 532; Juanita Beasley 36t, 56t; John Merritt and Kurt Braun 143 (CH); Martha Beverly 377; John Merritt, Sandra Melsheimer, and Gordon Cotton 358, 36t. Following announcements, John Merritt led 45t as the closing song. Arlon Gardner dismissed the class with prayer.

    Chairman - John Merritt
    Vice Chairman - Henry Guthery
    Secretary - Henry Schuman


    Calhoun County, Mississippi

    June 6, 2010

    The sixty-first annual Hill Roane memorial Sacred Harp Singing at Sherman Baptist Church was called to order by Mark Davis leading song on page 30t and 39t. John Van Horn led the morning prayer. Mark Davis then led song on page 84 and called the following leaders: John Van Horn 85, 523, 515; Kevin Dyess 271t, 178, 504; Wilma Mitchell 47t, 63, 87; Natalie Davis 79, 36b, 101t.


    Mark Davis reassembled the class with song on page 547. Leaders: Henry McGuire 546, 105, 342; Warren Steel 360, 270, 242; Andy Davis 38b, 53, 383; Hugh Bill McGuire 137; T.J. Funderburk 47b; Mark Davis J.L. White edition (W)154b.

    Dismissed for lunch.

    Mark Davis called the afternoon session together leading song on page 503. Other leaders: John Van Horn 410t, 410b, 106; Kevin Dyess 203, 187, 196; Wilma Mitchell 480, 147t, 108t; Natalie Davis 345t, 345b, 354b; Henry McGuire W492; Warren Steel W286t, W286b, W150; Andy Davis 142, 254, 434; T.J. Funderburk 445.


    Mark Davis called the class together leading song on page 474 and 344. Leaders: John Van Horn 407; Wilma Mitchell 274t; Natalie Davis 288; Warren Steel, 204; Andy Davis 318, 269; T.J. Funderburk 282. Following announcements, Kevin Dyess led song on 209; Mark Davis then led the closing song on page 46, and T.J. Funderburk dismissed the class with prayer.

    Chairman - Mark Davis
    Secretary - Warren Steel

    Calhoun County Musical Association

    Bethel Primitive Baptist Church

    August 7, 2010

    The 133rd annual session of the Calhoun County Sacred Harp Musical Association convened at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, Bruce, Mississippi. President John Van Horn called the class to order leading 32t and 40. Chaplain T.J. Funderburk led the morning prayer. President called for corresponding delegates; Chickasaw County Convention answered with T.J. and Linda Funderburk and George Easley: these were duly seated and visitors were recognized from Newton County Convention, Alabama and Arkansas. Leaders: Robert Earl Alexander 61, 122; Anne Steel 65, 47t, and 47b for T.J. Funderburk; Bugh Bill McGuire 445b in memory of Billy Williams, 36b; Darlene Reynolds 569b, 490. President appointed executive committee: Hugh Bill McGuire, chair, Mark Davis and Robert Earl Alexander. Leaders: Warren Steel 36t, 150; Linda Funderburk 37b, 37t; Arlon Gardner 83t, 277; Jeff Corbett 133, 66.


    The President restored order and sang 52t. Leaders: George Easley 34b, 538; Andrew Farris 178, 503b; Wendell Rinehart 30t, 457; Mark Davis 352, 240; Henry McGuire 350, 504; Chuck Howell 225, 49b; Virginia Carter 147b, 139; John Van Horn 53 in memory of S.T. Hawkins.

    Dismissed for lunch.

    After a bountiful and delicious lunch, President Van Horn restored order and sang 76b and 300 and called the following leaders for a second lesson: Robert Earl Alexander 111t, 294; Andrew Farris 182, 163b; Anne Steel 336, 159; Wendell Rinehart 31t, 31b; George Easley 145b, 313t; Jeff Corbett 192, 480; Arlon Gardner 313b, 201; Warren Steel 360, 365; Henry McGuire 369, 269. The following officers were retained: John Van Horn, president; Virginia Carter, secretary. President and Hugh Bill McGuire led 236.


    President restored order and sang 282. Leaders continued: Linda Funderburk 99, 163t; Mark Davis 302, 391; Darlene Reynolds 235, 145t; Andrew Farris 454; Jeff Corbett 344. Executive committee reported on finance, reported no deaths in the past year. President appointed delegates John Van Horn, Hugh Bill and Alice McGuire to the Chickasaw Convention and to the State Convention. Following announcements, John Van Horn led the closing song on page 323t, and T.J. Funderburk dismissed the convention with prayer.

    President - John Van Horn
    Secretary - Virginia Carter

    Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention

    Antioch Primitive Baptist Church

    August 21-22, 2010

    Saturday, August 21

    The eighty-second session of the Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention began with President Mark Davis calling the meeting to order and leading 37b. Everyone was welcomed. Arlon Gardner offered the opening prayer. Mark Davis led 106. President Davis appointed Nancy Van Den Akker and Bobby Caldwell to the arranging committee. Leaders: John Van Horn 332; Darlene Reynolds and Patricia Ingram 484b (CB); Darlene Reynolds 490; Arlon Gardner, Peth Gardner, Samantha Gardner, and Lynn Dennis 277, 67. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: President: Mark Davis; Vice President: John Van Horn; Secretary: Jean Gray; Assistant Secretary: Darlene Reynolds; Chaplains: Arlon Gardner and W.M. Allen. Leaders: John Merritt 54 (CH), 429; Billy Hollingsworth 326 (CH), 230 (CH); Hugh Bill McGuire 430, 200; Hugh McGuire 203, 215; Robert Vaughn 142, 224; Wanda Gregg 460, 28b. President Davis appointed Hugh McGuire and Henry McGuire to the Business and Credentials Committee.


    The class was brought back together by John Van Horn leading 30t. Leaders: Gary Smith 281b (CH), 255 (CH); Dennis Cranford 155, 128; Sarah Smith 85b (CH), 59b (CH); Andrew Farris 347, 66; Nancy Van Den Akker 384, 515; Seth Holloway 109 (CH), 117 (CH); Susan Dickey 178, 59. President Davis appointed John Hollingsworth and Wanda Gregg to the Memorial Committee. Hugh Bill McGuire and Arlon Gardner were appointed to the Location Committee. The blessing for the noon meal was offered by John Hollingsworth.


    The afternoon session was called to order by Mark Davis leading 328. Leaders: Regina Derstine 495, 349; Warren Steel 442, 422t (CB); Emily Mayes Massey 354b, 145b; Henry McGuire 504, 543; Anne Steel 480, 378b; Bobby Caldwell 216t (CH), 55b (CH); Linda Funderburk 393t (CB), 505 (CB); Robert Vaughn 468 (CB), 521 (CB); Mark Davis 519 (WB) (for Alfred Bailey), 236.


    Mark Davis led 411 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: John Hollingsworth 434, 182; Lynn Dennis 358, 75; Kurt Braun 143 (CH); John Merritt and Nanette Olivier 392 (CB); John Merritt and Robert Vaughn 522 (CB); Anne Steel and Warren Steel 285t. Following announcements, Mark Davis led 313b as the closing song. The Drone was sung, and prayer was offered by Arlon Gardner.

    Sunday, August 22

    President Mark Davis opened the Sunday session of the Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention by leading 57. He welcomed everyone. Arlon Gardner called on John Van Horn to offer the opening prayer. President Davis appointed Seth Holloway and Gary Smith to the Resolutions Committee. Leaders: Mark Davis 65; John Van Horn 448t, 410t; Darlene Reynolds 569b; Darlene Reynolds and John Van Horn 142 (CH); Arlon Gardner 138 (CH), 163t; Hugh Bill McGuire 40, 73t; John Hollingsworth 72b, 354t; Billy Hollingsworth 265 (CH), 266 (CH); Natalie Davis 79, 101t; Sarah Smith 238 (CH), 239t (CH).


    The class was brought back to order by Mark Davis leading 150. Leaders: Gary Smith 129 (CH), 46t (CH); Seth Holloway 380 (CH), 369b (CH); George Easley 34b, 60 (WB); Hugh McGuire 511 (WB), 82t.


    The afternoon session was opened by President Davis leading 273. Leaders: Henry McGuire 532, 492 (WB); Lynn Dennis 460, 546; Emily Mayes Massey 184 (CH), 86t (CH); Regina Derstine 264 (CH), 250 (CH), 131 (CH); John Van Horn 282; Billy Hollingsworth 487t (WB); John Hollingsworth 415; Gary Smith 336t (CB); Sarah Smith 77 (CH); Seth Holloway 388. The memorial lesson was conducted by John Hollingsworth and Wanda Gregg. John Hollingsworth read the names of the following deceased: Billy Williams, Corene White (Alabama); George Seiler (New York); Marsha Hedrick, Lavelle Scarborough (Mississippi); Giles Carter (South Carolina). John led 95b (CB). Arlon Gardner closed the memorial service with prayer. The Business and Credentials Committee (Hugh McGuire and Henry McGuire) gave the financial report. Motion and second for donation of money as follows: $250.00 Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association for Camp Fasola Scholarship; $40.00 to WCPC Sacred Harp Hour Radio Program; $300.00 to Antioch Primitive Baptist Church. The Resolutions Committee (Gary Smith and Seth Holloway) gave the resolutions. The eighty-second meeting of the Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention met and resolve the following: We thank God for the ability and willingness to come together to sing; we thank Antioch Primitive Baptist Church for extending their hospitality, and for the use of this wonderful building; thanks to people who came from near and far to sing together; we thank all who helped provide a bountiful lunch both days. We resolve to carry the words from Blest Be the Tie That Binds with us until we meet again next year to join our hearts and voices. Motion and second to accept all committee reports and dismiss the committees.


    The class was brought back together by Mark Davis leading 176t. Leaders: Peth Gardner and Arlon Gardner 376; Hugh McGuire 491 (WB); Billy Hollingsworth 50 (CH); Emily Mayes Massey 51 (CH); Hugh Bill McGuire 494 (WB), 138t (WB); Natalie Davis 64 (CH). Following announcements, The Drone was the closing song. Arlon Gardner offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

    Chairman - Mark Davis
    Vice Chairman - John Van Horn
    Secretary - Jean Gray


    Lafayette County, Mississippi

    October 10, 2010

    The twenty-third annual Sacred Harp singing at Taylor United Methodist Church (formerly held at Pilgrim's Rest Primitive Baptist Church) was called to order by Warren Steel leading song on page 48t and 85. Rev. Annette Ford led the morning prayer. Leaders: Ross Brand 163t, 114; John Van Horn 565, 36t; Xaris Martinez 112, 283; Mary Amelia Taylor 288, 370; John Wall, 38b, 128; Sarah Tidwell 146, 42; Brenda Merritt 270, 282; Anne Steel 268, 171; Hugh Bill McGuire 472; Velton Chafin 68b, 521.

    Dismissed for lunch.

    Warren Steel called the class together leading song on page 148 and 150. Other leaders: Chuck Howell 384, 225t, 232; Mary Amelia Taylor 566, 27, 319; Ross Brand 63, 104, 376; John Van Horn 200, 273, 236; Xaris Martinez 31t, 225b; Sarah Tidwell 223, 32t; Chris McAlelly and Chris Gurner 87, 276.


    Warren Steel brought the class together leading song on page 215. Leaders: Velton Chafin 335, 30t; Hugh Bill McGuire 349; Anne Steel 179, 178; Brenda Merritt 336, 542; Philip Stockton 45t, 72b; Amanda Brickell 61; Anita Brickell 162; Don Treloar 408; Mary Amelia Taylor 390; John Wall 198, 300. Following announcements Warren Steel led the closing song on page 378t, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Chuck Howell.

    Off Square Books

    Oxford, Mississippi

    December 2, 2010

    The monthly Sacred Harp singing at the University of Mississippi was held at Off Square Books to celebrate the release and signing of the book The Makers of the Sacred Harp by Warren Steel and Dick Hulan. The singing was called to order by Xaris Martinez leading song on page 32t. Leaders: Mary Amelia Taylor 63; Tim Taylor 497; Ross Brand 39t; Mark Tew 59; Jack Barbera 236; Warren Steel 440; John Wall 479; Anne Steel 318; Jan Murray 282; Jeff Corbett 28t; Ross Brand 142; Mary Amelia Taylor, 481; Tim Taylor 549; Xaris Martinez 65; Eva Walton 319; Bobby Neymand 178.


    Jeff and Jamie Corbett called the class together leading song on page 186. Other leaders: John Wall 358; Warren Steel 285t; Anne Steel 209; Jan Murray 457; Jamie Corbett 354b; Xaris Martinez 300; Georgia Fyke 163b; Tim Taylor 480; Ross Brand 436; Mary Amelia Taylor 566; Kyle Kite 47t; Bobby Neymand 276; Jeff Corbett 107; John Wall 49t; Warren Steel 224; Anne Steel 129; Jan Murray 275t. Following announcements, Warren Steel led the closing song on page 208 and Tim Taylor dismissed the class with prayer.

    Calhoun County Nursing Home

    Calhoun City, Mississippi

    December 4, 2010

    The annual Sacred Harp singing at Calhoun County Nursing Home was called to order at 1:30 by Robert Earl Alexander leading song on page 145t and 124. Leaders: Anne Steel 47t, 46; George Easley 34b, 418; Ron Cockrell 45t, 36b; James Robinson 63, 312b; Warren Steel 313t, 53, 288; Linda Funderburk 39t, 143; John Van Horn 457, 523; Hugh Bill McGuire 142, 146; T.J. Funderburk 47b, 282; Virginia Carter 122, 147b; Robert Earl Alexander J.L. White edition W517 (Not Made With Hands), W519 (Land of Beulah), Anne Steel 186, 306; Ron Cockrell 68b, 72b; George Easley W60 (Nearer Home); Curtis Bryant 323b, 119, Christian Harmony 248 (Twilight is Falling); Warren Steel 379, 400. Following announcements, Robert Earl Alexander led the closing song on page W494 (Don't Grieve Your Mother), and Elder Ron Cockrell dismissed the class with prayer.

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