The University of Mississippi

Music 526: Music in the United States

Listening Guide 2

 CD1-22 Chadwick: Symphonic Sketches, 1st mvt. (optional)
 CD1-23 Beach: Gaelic Symphony
 CD1-24 MacDowell: To a Wild Rose (piano)
 CD1-26 Deep River [video of Burleigh arrangement]
 1017   Hairston arr.: Joshua (UM Concert Singers)

 CD2-01 Webster: Sweet By and By
 CD2-02 Sousa: The Stars and Stripes Forever [video]
 1005   Sousa: King Cotton (optional)
 CD2-03 Harris: After the Ball 
 CD2-04 Ives: The Circus Band [video]
 CD2-05 Ives: Serenity
 CD2-06 Ives: The Housatonic at Stockbridge [video]
 1001   Ives: At the River
 1002   Ives: General William Booth Enters into Heaven (optional)
 1003   Ives: Variations on America (optional) [video]
 CD2-08 Cook: Swing Along
 CD2-09 Joplin: Maple Leaf Rag (played by Joplin) [video]
 1006-10 Joplin: Maple Leaf Rag (played by Jelly Roll Morton)
 CD2-10 Berlin: Alexander's Ragtime Band (Boswell Sisters) 
 CD2-11 Berlin: That Mysterious Rag (optional)
 CD2-12 Handy: St. Louis Blues (Bessie Smith, vocal) [video]
 CD2-13 Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (Paul Whiteman Orchestra) 
 CD2-14 Copland: El Salon Mexico [video]
 1018-19 Seeger: Quartet 1931, 4th mvt.
 CD2-15 Cowell: The Banshee [video]
 CD2-16 Carter: Can the Circle Be Unbroken
 CD2-17 Guthrie: So Long, It's Been Good to Know You (optional)[video]
 CD2-18 Oliver: Dippermouth Blues
 CD2-19 Armstrong: West End Blues
 CD2-20 Ellington: Old Man Blues (optional)
 CD2-21 Ellington: Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue
 CD3-01 Young: Lester Leaps In (Basie's K.C. Seven)
 1010-16 Still: Afro-American Symphony, 1st mvt.
 CD3-02 Water Boy (Paul Robeson)
 CD3-03 Kern: Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man [video]
 CD3-05 Gershwin: The Man I Love [video] 

 1020   Varese: Ionisation [video]
 CD3-06 E.Carter: String Quartet no. 1  
 CD3-07 Babbitt: Philomel
 1029   Cage: Sonata V (prepared piano) [video]
 1030   Noncarrow: Study #1 (player piano)
 1031-33 Barber: The Monk and His Cat
 CD3-08 Cage: Williams Mix (optional)

 1021-28 Gillespie: Anthropology
 CD3-12 Parker: Parker's Mood
 CD3-13 Coltrane: Welcome
 CD3-14 Porter: Where Is the Life That Late I Led 
 1034   Bernstein: Tonight (West Side Story) [video]
 1035   Berry: Roll Over Beethoven [video]
 CD3-17 Bolcom: Violin Concerto in D, 3d mvt.
 1036   Riley: In C [video]
 1037   Reich: It's Gonna Rain, part 1
 CD3-18 Glass: Einstein on the Beach (excerpt)
 1038   Larsen: Missa Gaia - introit
 1041   Foss: Renaissance Concerto - Jouissance
 CD3-19 Marsalis: Devotional



          Race                      Pop                   Hillbilly

1920's    rural blues           Broadway                 string bands
         "classic" blues        traditional jazz         family groups

1930-1945  more blues           big band jazz (swing)    cowboy singers
           boogie piano         more Broadway            Western swing

     Rhythm & Blues                 Pop               Country & Western

1945-55   urban blues           "crooners"               bluegrass
          doowop               ["bebop" jazz             honky-tonk
                              no longer popular]

1955-60   <-----------   R O C K    A N D    R O L L   ------------>

        Soul (or R&B)              Rock                   Country

1960-75   Motown, Stax    surfers, folk rock, "acid,"    various styles
          disco, funk        heavy metal, art rock        [Nashville]


                           SOME IMPORTANT DATES
1640  Bay Psalm Book (words only)

1698  Bay Psalm Book, 9 ed. (with tune supplement)

1721  Tufts Introduction, singing school movement

1770  Billings, New-England Psalm Singer

[1775-81 War of American Independence]

1837  Lowell Mason, music in Boston schools

1843  Virginia Minstrels, first minstrel company

1849  Gottschalk works with American themes

1867  Slave Songs, spirituals collected in Sea Islands

1875  Paine appointed professor of music at Harvard

1899  Joplin, Maple Leaf Rag published

1914  ASCAP founded

1918  First jazz recording

1935  Gerswin, Porgy and Bess (folk opera)

1941  ASCAP-broadcasters dispute

1942-43  Petrillo recording ban

1944  Copland, Appalachian Spring (ballet)

1957  Bernstein, West Side Story 

1965  National Endowment for the Arts founded