The University of Mississippi

Music 526: Music in the United States

Listening Guide 1

 CD1-1 Jerusalem: Mass in G Major - Kyrie eleison  [partial video]
 0101  Billings: Chesterfield
 0102  Kyes: Crucifixion
 0103  New Jordan [video]
 CD1-10 Billings: Thanksgiving Anthem
 0104  Billings: The Dying Christian
 0105  Billings: Washington [video]
 0106  Billings: Richmond 

 0201  The British Grenadiers
 0202  Song on Liberty (The British Grenadiers) (optional)
 0203  Gen. Scott's March (harmonie)
 0204  Lovely Nancy (fife and drum) (optional)
 0206  Lady Hope's Reel (fife and drum) [video, slides of uniforms]    
 CD1-6 Dickinson: The Liberty Song
 0207  Parody on The Liberty Song (optional)
 0208  Washington's March (harmonie)  [video]
 0209  Wood: A Hymn on Peace (optional)

 0301  Alknomook (Death Song of the Cherokee Indian)
 CD1-8 Hopkinson: My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free  [video]
 0302  Carr: 6 Imitations
 0303  When Brazen Trumpets (chorus and orchestra) (optional)
 0304  Kotzwara: Turkish Quickstep
 CD1-9 Phile: Hail Columbia [video]
 0305  Shaw: Air (wind quartet) (optional)
 0306  Holyoke: Grand Minuet (orchestra)
 0307  Herrick: Jolley's March

 0401  Bray: The Indian Princess: chorus
 0402  - song, Ever cheery
 0403  - song, Och hubbaboo
 0404  - quartetto
 0405  - act 1 finale
 0406  - glee, Without a penny of money

 0501  Muller - Mein Heiland geht ins Leiden (optional)
 CD1-5 Peter: Ich will dir ein Freudenopfer thun
 0502  Peter: Leite mich in deiner Wahrheit
 0503  Herbst: See him! (optional)
 0504  Heinrich: Philanthropy (choral song)
 0505  Carr: Lady of the Lake (song cycle) - Soldier, rest
 0506  - Blanche of Devan
 0507  Shaw: There's nothing true but heaven
 CD1-13 Bishop: Home, Sweet Home

 0601  Jenny Lind Polka  [video]
 CD1-16 Stasney: Papageno Polka
 CD1-20 Dignam: Helene Schottische
 0602  Reinagle: Minuet and Gavotte (optional)
 0603  Fiddle medley
 0604  Grobe: Natalie Polka-Mazurka (optional)
 0605  Johnson: Sonnambula Quadrille (keyed bugle)
 CD1-21 Gottschalk: The Banjo (quotes from Camptown Races)

 0701  Emmett: De boatmen's dance [video]
 CD1-15 Foster: De camptown races
 0702  Winnemore: Stop dat knockin'
 0703  Instrumental medley
 0704  Emmett: Pea Patch Jig
 0705  Carter: Lucy Neal

 CD1-17 Foster: Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair [video]    
 0801  Root: The Haymakers pt. 2 - echo chorus, Light hearted are we
 0802  - chorus, How like some tented camp

 0901  Emmett: Dixie's Land (optional)
 CD1-18 Root: The battle cry of freedom
 0902  Kittredge: Tenting on the old camp ground [video]    
 0903  Tucker: Weeping sad and lonely
 0904  I'm a good old rebel
 0905  Gilmore: When Johnny comes marching home