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Music 526: Music in the U.S.

Class Project

The topic will be a single American song, to be chosen by the student with the advice and consent of the instructor. The song will be of perennial popularity and significance in American culture, existing in multiple versions or with parodies or contrafacta.

Your project will consist of a recorded anthology, typically of 10-15 tracks, together with a prose introduction and discographical "liner notes" for each track. You may submit either an audio CD or a data CD. A data CD should include MP3 audio files, or you may also add video files in MP4 (Quicktime) or FLV (Flash video) formats. In your introduction you should relate the selections to the original or a central idea. Individual liner notes should provide all available information about artists, date, and other discographical information.

Due Date: written work on June 18, but please be prepared to give a brief oral presentation on June 22.

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