Outline of Atlas, Renaissance Music, parts 4-6

 Part 4: Obrecht, Josquin, Isaac, La Rue, Mouton
 18        Pervading Imitation
           Josquin (A37), simultaneous composition, summary, p. 258.
           (printing, Petrucci 1501)
 (19)       1492: Lorenzo, Ferdinand & Isabella 
 20        Virtuoso motet: text relation: Absalom (A39), Miserere (A40)
           symbolism, soggetto cavato
 (21)       underlay
 22        mass developments: paraphrase, "parody"
           (Obrecht, Fortuna desperata, A41), paraphrase: Josquin, Pange
           lingua A42; (Mouton, Quem dicunt), Requiem mass A43, (alternatim
           mass Isaac A44, a cappella tradition)

 (23)       1513-1521, Henry VIII, Charles V
 24        song: Josquin, canons in Plus nulz regrets A46, La Rue Pourquoi 
           non (A47), other songs A48-50, frottola A51, A53, villancico
           A54-55, German Lied A56-57 Innsbruck
 25        Instrumental music
           ensemble A58, consorts, keyboard Schlick A59, (lute ricercar)

 Part 5: Willaert, Clemens, Arcadelt, Gombert, Morales, Taverner
 26        motet: seamless texture, expanded tonality (secret chromatic
           art?); parody mass A62, summary p. 412-413 (psalms, scores)
 27        song styles: (Netherlandish), Parisian chanson A63-65, 
           madrigal A66-67, Lied, Senfl A68, (Meistergesang, Sachs)
 (28)       Michelangelo
 (29)       music printing, patronage                      
 (30)       editing: barring, sources    
 31        instrumental music in late Ren.: transcriptions, liturgical
           A70, variations A71-72, ricercar A73-canzona A75-toccata A76,
           dance music A77
 (32)       Copernicus, Vesalius, Council of Trent
 33        Reformation, Lutheran hymn A78, (Zwingli), Calvin, 
           (Souterliedekens A79)
 34        Tudor England, Cornysh, (Eton choirbook), Taverner mass A81
           English reformation
 Part 6: Palestrina, Lassus, Byrd, Victoria, Tallis

 35        modes and polyphony, 12-mode system, chromaticism A83-84,
           Zarlino and counterpoint                               
 (36)       cooking, architecture, etc.
 37        counter-Reformation, Trent, Palestrina A85-86, summary of
           Palestrina style p. 596-97; spiritual madrigal, chant
           revision, Venice-Gabrieli, Victoria A87, instruments in
 38        Words and music; (musique mesuree A88), Lassus A89-90;
           madrigal: Rore A91, Marenzio A92, Wert, Monteverdi;
           canzonetta, balletto, Ladies of Ferrara 
 (39)       Spanish Armada, ghetto
 40        Elizabethan England: motet A95, Byrd masses, service and
           anthem A96-97, consort song, madrigal A98-99, lute song
           A100, consort music A101, in nomine, keyboard A102
 epilog     renaissance reality?, Busnoys the time traveler